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This section of our guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the Forgemaster’s Fingers side quest. This quest is associated with the orcs and can be obtained at any of their camps. The orcs will request that you retrieve the Forgemaster’s Fingers, which is a unique artifact.

Initiating the quest

Note! This mission is exclusively available for non-Orcs!

To obtain this mission, you must travel to one of the orc camps located throughout Skyrim. The orcs are not particularly fond of outsiders and tend to keep to themselves. Their camps are situated on mountain slopes near the borders of the land. These camps are marked on the map below.

Map legend: 1 – Dushnikh Yal; 2 – Mor Khazgul; 3 – Narzulbur; 4 – Largashbur.

When you enter any of the camps, you will be greeted by a guard. As long as you remain courteous, you will not be attacked. Ask how to gain entry and you will receive the mission to locate The Forgemaster’s Fingers. The artifact can be found in a randomly chosen location, so be prepared to engage in a brief skirmish with a group of adversaries. The item can be found inside a chest.

Upon delivering the Fingers to the quest giver, you will be granted access to any of the orc camps and may use the services provided within (trading, training, crafting). From this point forward, the orcs will regard you as a blood brother.

It should be noted that there is no leader in Largashbur, and as a result, you cannot initiate this quest there. However, you may still receive the Daedric quest The Cursed Tribe.


What is The Forgemaster’s Fingers?

The Forgemaster’s Fingers is a side quest in the game Skyrim. It involves retrieving a set of magical gauntlets that belonged to the Forgemaster, an ancient blacksmith of great renown. The gauntlets are said to grant the wearer extraordinary skills in blacksmithing, making them highly sought after by those in the trade.

How do I start the quest?

You can start the quest by speaking to Glover Mallory in the town of Raven Rock on the island of Solstheim. He will tell you that he has heard rumors of the Forgemaster’s Fingers and will ask you to retrieve them for him. Alternatively, you may stumble upon the gauntlets while exploring the ruins of Fahlbtharz.

Where can I find the gauntlets?

The gauntlets can be found in the ruins of Fahlbtharz, which is located in the northern part of Solstheim. The ruins are filled with traps and enemies, so be sure to come prepared for a fight. Once you reach the end of the ruins, you will find the gauntlets sitting on a pedestal.

What are the benefits of wearing the gauntlets?

The Forgemaster’s Fingers grant a significant bonus to blacksmithing, allowing you to improve weapons and armor to a higher level than before. They also grant a bonus to your carrying capacity, making it easier to carry more items with you. Overall, they are a valuable asset for any blacksmith or adventurer looking to enhance their abilities.

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