The House of Horrors

Starting the Quest

Quest Requirements: This quest can be completed at any point in the game. You can easily complete it at the beginning without any trouble, since even though you have to fight, the fights shouldn’t be too difficult.

Start by traveling to Markarth, which is located in the western part of the map (as shown in the above screenshot). If you haven’t been there before, it’s easiest to take a carriage (like the one at Whiterun Stables).

Once you reach the city, head straight west. You’ll find Vigilant Tyranus standing next to one of the houses. Depending on how many times you’ve already visited Markarth, Tyranus may be talking to Yngvar or standing alone (as shown in the above screenshot). Note: If you don’t see Tyranus, try leaving town and coming back.

Approach Tyranus and talk to him (as shown in the above screenshot) so that he asks you about the abandoned house. Tyranus will tell you that he’s a Vigilant of Stendarr. He will also share his suspicions that the house he’s standing next to is being used for Daedric rituals. In the end, offer to help him investigate the house.

Investigating the Abandoned House

New Main Objective: Search the Abandoned House

Use the door to enter the Abandoned House. Inside, follow Vigilant Tyranus (as shown in the above screenshot) and listen to his comments along the way. Eventually, go down the stairs and into the basement.

After reaching the basement, you’ll come across a door and Tyranus will ask you to investigate. Interact with the door (as shown in the above screenshot) and you’ll find that it’s locked. Tyranus will conclude that this place is the home of a powerful Daedra and run away.

Follow Tyranus, who will be running towards the exit. Along the way, you’ll hear the Daedra calling for you to kill the Vigilant (as shown in the above screenshot).

As you reach the exit, you’ll find that it’s locked. Tyranus will lose his mind and attack you. It’s a good idea to attack him first (as shown in the above screenshot) so that you can use the element of surprise to your advantage. Be careful, as Tyranus can use spells, but defeating him shouldn’t be too difficult.

New Main Objective: Find Your Reward

After killing Tyranus, the mysterious voice will speak to you again and ask you to collect your reward. Before doing anything else, explore the whole house and search Tyranus’ body to find valuable items. Only then should you return to the basement and open the door to reach the previously inaccessible passage (as shown in the above screenshot).

Continue following the linear path until you reach a cave entrance. Eventually, you’ll come across a small altar (as shown in the above screenshot). Interact with the rusty mace and you’ll find yourself trapped in a cage.

You will have a conversation with Molag Balem, the Daedric Lord of Corruption (shown in the above screen). Molag will instruct you to bring a priest of another Lord to him so that he can force the priest to surrender his soul to him. It doesn’t matter which dialogue option you choose because you will receive the task of finding the priest regardless.

Finding the Priest

New Main Objective: Find the Priest of Boethiah

Exit the Abandoned House and open the world map. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine the location of the priest for sure as he will be held in a randomly chosen location, usually a keep or fort of some sort (as shown in the above screen). Head to the marked location. After reaching the destination, you will encounter more or less challenging enemies. Depending on your preference, you can explore the entire area or focus solely on the main objective.

The priest will most likely be guarded by a mini-boss (as shown in the above screen), so be careful during the final fight. It’s also possible that the person you’re looking for will be held inside a cage or in a prison, so you will need to use lockpicks or search the enemy bodies for a key.

Approach Logrolf the Willful and talk to him. The priest won’t believe that you’re there to rescue him, giving you three options (as shown in the above screen). If your character has high Speech, persuading or intimidating Logrolf would be best. Otherwise, simply offer him some gold.

New Main Objective: Free Logrolf

If you manage to convince Logrolf, the priest will ask you to release him, which you should do (as shown in the above screen). Logrolf should automatically escape from his prison and head to the house.

Returning to Molag Bal’s Altar

New Main Objective: Go to the Abandoned House

Leave the area where Logrolf was imprisoned and return to Markarth. Head back to the Abandoned House upon reaching the city. Note that Logrolf is already here, so follow him (as shown in the above screen) to the room with the altar.

Upon reaching the altar, Logrolf will be automatically imprisoned in the cage. Approach him and listen to the conversation between him and Molag Bal (as shown in the above screen). The Daedric Lord will then give you the Rusty Mace and ask you to torture Logrolf.

New Main Objective: Beat Logrolf into Submission

You don’t need to equip the mace as it will be done automatically. Begin attacking the imprisoned Logrolf (as shown in the above screen). The mage won’t defend at all, and your party member can also join in.

Don’t worry about killing Logrolf because Molag will revive him (as shown in the above screen) and instruct you to continue with the torture. Deplete his health again, and this time, Logrolf should give up and promise submission.

Updated primary goal: Eliminate Logrolf

Listen to the final conversation, during which Molag Bal will instruct you to kill Logrolf. Launch a final attack on the priest (as seen in the above image), who will not resist this time.

Updated primary goal: Interact with Molag Bal

Simply speak with Molag Bal one last time. The Daedric Lord will present you with the Mace of Molag Bal (pictured above), an excellent weapon for a warrior focused on one-handed combat, which can drain enemies’ magic and stamina. The quest concludes at this point.


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