The Issue with Darkspawn

How to Unlock: Meet with Knight-Captain Rylen

Quest-Giver: Knight-Captain Rylen (M19,9)

Ask about the darkspawns.

To unlock this quest, you must first take over Griffon Wing Keep, located west of The Western Approach. Once you have completed the “Assault on Griffon Wing Keep” quest, speak with Knight-Captain Rylen (M19,9) to hear his report on the darkspawns. You will need to investigate this matter thoroughly.

Exit the keep and head southwest towards Death Drink Springs, where poisonous gas previously prevented exploration. Look for an interactive point marked on the map (M19,9a) and place a flag there. This will unlock a new operation that can be performed in the war room called “Find the Source of Darkspawn.” Return to Skyhold, find the option on the map, and use 5 Power Points to finalize the operation.

Route filled with darkspawns

You can now return to The Western Approach without the hindrance of fumes. Explore the new area (M19,9b) and eliminate all of the Darkspawns, Hurlocks, and Ghouls.

Coracavus ruins entrance

Head to the Prison Ruins and use a ladder to approach the new group of monsters. Be cautious of the Hurlock Alpha, keep him at bay, and utilize your ranged party members. After defeating the opponents, find the passage to the Coracavus ruins (M19,9c).

In the ruins, you will face more darkspawns

After reaching the ruins (M23,1a), head south. The first darkspawns will appear near the crossing. Defeat them and optionally explore the large, eastern area. Alternatively, turn west and then south.

Place where you have to plug the hole.

Continue south until you reach a point where you need to close a hole in the ruins (M23,1b). Use a mage to do so and then continue exploring the ruins. In the next room, you will encounter more darkspawns, including another hurlock alpha. Don’t forget to investigate the area and have a rogue open locked rooms to find valuable treasures.

Key location

Further on, you will come across long corridors. Look for corpses (M23,1c) that will have a Wrapped Prison Key. Take it and head to the room south of the ruins. Save your game, as a tough fight awaits you.

Fight the giant

Inside the room (M23,1d), you will find a giant. Protect your weaker party members and prevent the giant from getting too close to them. Move them away when the beast is about to throw a rock. Use your warriors to distract the giant and attack its legs to reduce its mobility. After defeating this enemy, head to the southern exit (M23,1e).

Once you exit the ruins, you will come across a camp.

After coming back to The Western Approach (M19,9d), a new location called Echoback Canyon will appear on the map. Move towards the South-West direction and unlock a new camp. Be aware of the cult members and other dangerous creatures, including some wandering giants. It’s better to avoid them if you don’t want to get into a tough fight.

Servis makes his way to the fort.

Now, you can head to the Echoback Fort, which is located to the South-West of the exit (M19,9e). You can easily approach the fort from the north-west side, but you might have to take a longer route. Once inside, find Servis and attack him. He is immune to fire attacks. Warriors can help overpower him and his allies.

You can’t simply kill Servis in the game. Once you defeat all the cultists and drain his health bar, move away and click on the interaction button. You can then choose whether to spare him or kill him. If you spare him, it will lead to another side-quest in Skyhold.

Rewards for completing the mission:

  • Unlocking the Coracavus area.
  • Experience (lots of)
  • 400 Influence Points
  • 3 Power Points


1. What are Darkspawn?

Darkspawn are a fictional race of creatures that appear in the “Dragon Age” video game franchise. They are depicted as twisted, corrupted versions of various creatures, including humans, elves, and dwarves, that have been transformed by exposure to a substance called the “Taint.” Darkspawn are the primary antagonists of the series, and are known for their brutal, mindless nature.

2. Why are Darkspawn a problem?

The Darkspawn are a problem because they pose a threat to the entire world of Thedas, the setting of the “Dragon Age” games. They are responsible for the Blights, massive invasions of Darkspawn that occur periodically and threaten to overwhelm the civilized nations of Thedas. The Darkspawn are also a source of constant danger and conflict, as they are known to raid and pillage towns and cities, and are generally hostile to all other life forms.

3. How are Darkspawn defeated?

Defeating the Darkspawn is a difficult task that requires a combination of military might, strategic planning, and powerful magic. The main method for combating the Darkspawn is through the use of Grey Wardens, an order of warriors who are immune to the Taint and can sense the presence of Darkspawn. The Grey Wardens are responsible for leading the fight against the Darkspawn and organizing the defense of Thedas. Other methods for defeating the Darkspawn include sealing off their underground lairs, destroying their leaders, and using powerful magical rituals to weaken their hold on the world.

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