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New Main Objective: Speak to Legate Rikke

Return to Castle Dour in Solitude and approach Legate Rikke. She informs you that her unit is heading to the location of the Jagged Crown, which the Legion wants to retrieve before the Stormcloaks. Meet Rikke at the ruins of Korvanjund.

New Main Objective: Meet Legate Rikke outside Korvanjund

Travel to the ruins of Korvanjund on foot, as it is not located directly in the area. Look for Rikke’s unit and join them. If you previously worked with Hadvar, you will meet him here. Wait for Rikke to approach you and confirm your readiness to attack the Stormcloaks.

New Main Objective: Retrieve the Jagged Crown

Follow the Legionnaires to the Stormcloak camp and engage in combat. Take out enemy archers first if using close combat, or eliminate enemy soldiers from a safe distance if using ranged combat. Avoid using area-effect weapons, abilities, and spells to prevent injuring your allies. After the battle, enter the Korvanjund Temple.

Inside the temple, join the other Legionnaires and wait for Rikke to give the command to attack. Avoid hitting the Imperials during the fight and follow Rikke to the next battle. Fight until all Stormcloaks are eliminated and proceed to the next room.

Rikke suggests finding an alternative path, as there is likely a trap in the next room. Follow her and continue the quest.

The first image shows Rikke’s warning about a trap if you proceed north without caution. The archers will be the most challenging to defeat but your allies will join you soon. Alternatively, follow Rikke’s advice and head east from the stairs to avoid the previous battle area and reach the adjacent room. In the next image, sneak into the northern room where two archers are on the balcony to the southwest. Shoot the lamps above them to cause a fire and eliminate the archers. Finally, either stay on the upper balcony or join the Imperials to defeat the remaining enemies.


1. What is The Jagged Crown?

The Jagged Crown is a legendary crown that is said to have been worn by the first High King of Skyrim. It is an important artifact in Skyrim’s history, and it is sought after by both the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks.

2. What is the quest related to The Jagged Crown?

The quest related to The Jagged Crown is called “The Jagged Crown.” It is a quest given by the Imperial Legion, and it involves retrieving the crown from the ancient Nordic ruins of Korvanjund. The crown is believed to be located in the throne room of the ruins, which is heavily guarded by draugr and other dangers.

3. Why is the Imperial Legion interested in The Jagged Crown?

The Imperial Legion is interested in The Jagged Crown because it is a symbol of Skyrim’s history and culture. By retrieving the crown, the Legion hopes to show the people of Skyrim that they are respectful of their traditions and that they are committed to restoring order and stability to the province.

4. What are the rewards for completing The Jagged Crown quest?

The rewards for completing The Jagged Crown quest include a significant amount of gold, as well as promotion within the Imperial Legion. Additionally, the completion of the quest will help to strengthen the Legion’s position in Skyrim and may lead to further opportunities for advancement and recognition within the organization.

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