The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Guide provides tips and tricks for players to collect all 10 minikits in the level A Doom With a View. To obtain the first minikit, players should turn left at the beginning and melt the golden box with a fire beam before using a computer. The second minikit requires pla


What are Minikit Sets in “A Doom With a View”?

In “A Doom With a View”, Minikit Sets are special collectibles that players can find throughout the game. These sets contain small Lego pieces that can be used to build various vehicles or structures. Each Minikit Set is hidden in a different location within the game’s levels, and players must solve puzzles or defeat enemies to access them. Collecting all of the Minikit Sets in a level will unlock special rewards, such as character upgrades or bonus levels.

How many Minikit Sets are in “A Doom With a View”?

There are a total of 10 Minikit Sets in “A Doom With a View”. Each level contains 1-2 sets, and players must explore every nook and cranny of the levels to find them. Some Minikit Sets may require players to use specific characters or abilities to access them, so it’s important to experiment with different strategies to collect them all.

What are some tips for finding Minikit Sets in “A Doom With a View”?

To find all of the Minikit Sets in “A Doom With a View”, players should explore every inch of each level and experiment with different characters and abilities. Some sets may be hidden behind destructible objects or in secret areas, so it’s important to break and smash everything in sight. Players should also pay attention to sound cues, as the sound of a Minikit Set being collected will indicate that one is nearby. Finally, it may be helpful to replay levels multiple times with different characters and abilities to uncover all of the hidden sets.

What rewards can players unlock by collecting all of the Minikit Sets in “A Doom With a View”?

By collecting all 10 Minikit Sets in “A Doom With a View”, players can unlock a special bonus level where they can use their collected Lego pieces to build a giant robot. In addition, players will also earn character upgrades that will make their characters more powerful in combat. These upgrades can include increased health, new abilities, or stronger attacks, making it easier to defeat the game’s toughest enemies.

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