The Main Campaign | Saving Stan Lee

Sand Central Station

During the Sand Central Station mission, you can rescue Stan Lee. After defeating Abomination, choose Iron Man and fly to the left balustrade. Destroy the coffee machine to release Stan Lee.

Times Square Off

Before the final fight with Doctor Octopus, use Iron Man’s rockets to destroy all silver bricks on the silo located on the skyscraper’s roof. Build a pump from the debris and use Jean Grey’s telekinetic abilities to turn a valve to rescue Stan Lee.

Esploratory Laboratory

During the Esploratory Laboratory mission, choose Magneto and lift the metal box on the left. Use Wolverine’s talons to unlock the mechanism, and you’ll receive a minikit and rescue Stan Lee.

Rock Up at the Lock Up

Fly up in the first location and head to the left side of the building’s interior. Destroy all boxes on the upper floor and build iron bars from the debris. Switch to Venom or Spider-Man and use spider sense to uncover attachable points. Yank them with your web to release Stan Lee.

Rebooted, Resuited

In the second location of the Rebooted, Resuited mission, switch to Sandman and use a sandbox to create a trampoline to rescue Stan Lee.

Red Head Detention

In the factory part of the building, fly up to the upper-left corner of the room and destroy the blue machine to release Stan Lee.

Bifrosty Reception

In the observatory, shoot your rockets at the silver shield in the central part of the area as Iron Man to rescue Stan Lee.


Note that the X-Mansion location is available after the Bifrosty Reception mission but before the Juggernauts and Crosses quest. Use Jean Grey to approach Stan Lee surrounded by flames and build a device from the bricks. Turn the violet valve with your telekinetic skills to extinguish the fire and rescue Stan Lee.

Juggernauts and Crosses

Go to the balcony of the X-Man school and put out all the fires using Iceman. Then use some bricks to create green handles and yank them with any big character to destroy the burning box and rescue Stan Lee.

Construct a trampoline out of bricks to ensure Stan Lee’s safe landing.

Doctor in the House

To save Human Torch and Nick Fury, move towards the right side of the castle where you’ll spot a cannon. Pick either Spider-Man or Venom and use spider sense to reveal an attachable point. Pull it towards you with your web to create the perfect arc for your shot.

Next, switch to Human Torch and ignite the fuse with a flame.

That Sinking Feeling

To rescue Stan Lee at the beginning of the stage, move to the upper floor on the right and switch to Magneto. Move a metal box beneath which the writer is lying.

Taking Liberties

You can find Stan Lee in the second laboratory. Stand between two electric machines that are rotating and fly upwards. Head to the interior of the stage (as shown by the rope in the middle). Land on the platform and shoot the knocked writer to save him.

Rapturous Rise

Stan Lee can be found surrounded by flames in the area with the airplane. Use Storm or Iceman to extinguish the fire and save him.

Magnetic Personality

Go to the large round hall where the galaxy is visible behind the window and look up. Fire Iron Man’s rockets at the silver plate located in the center of the ceiling to rescue Stan Lee.

A Doom With a View

During the boss fight, use Wolverine’s claw switch on the right to unlock some bricks. Build a computer from them and hack it as Iron Man to rescue Stan Lee.

The Good, the Bad and the Hungry

During the final part of the fight with Galactus, approach the jet that is crushed on the left and switch to Sandman. Use the sandbox to rescue the old writer.


1. What is The Main Campaign in Lego Marvel Super Heroes?

The Main Campaign in Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the main storyline of the game. It follows the heroes of the Marvel universe as they team up to stop Loki and other villains from taking over the world. The campaign is divided into several chapters, each with its own unique story and set of challenges. Players can switch between different characters, each with their own abilities, to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and progress through the levels. The Main Campaign can be played alone or with friends in couch co-op mode.

2. How do I unlock Stan Lee in Peril in The Main Campaign?

To unlock Stan Lee in Peril in The Main Campaign, players must find and rescue him in each level. Stan Lee is hidden somewhere in every level, and players must use their skills and abilities to find him and free him from danger. Once rescued, Stan Lee will appear in the hub world and can be unlocked as a playable character. Players can also unlock additional versions of Stan Lee by completing certain challenges and objectives in the game.

3. What are the rewards for completing The Main Campaign?

Completing The Main Campaign in Lego Marvel Super Heroes unlocks several rewards for players. First, players will unlock all of the characters that appear in the campaign, including the heroes and villains. This allows players to use these characters in free play mode and explore the open world of Manhattan. Additionally, players will unlock new vehicles and equipment that can be used to access new areas and complete new challenges. Finally, players will unlock the ability to replay the campaign in free play mode, allowing them to explore each level and find all of the hidden collectibles and secrets.

4. Can I play The Main Campaign in online co-op mode?

Unfortunately, The Main Campaign in Lego Marvel Super Heroes can only be played in couch co-op mode. This means that players must be in the same room and on the same console to play together. However, the game does offer online co-op mode for certain other game modes, such as races and battles. Players can also use the online leaderboards to compete with other players around the world and see who can get the highest scores in each level.

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