The Skyhold – The Main Headquarters of the Inquisition in Dragon Age Inquisition

The Skyhold

The Skyhold is the main headquarters of the Inquisition, which replaces Haven during a certain point in the game. Both locations share similar features. While at the Skyhold, you can perform all the activities mentioned in the previous page, such as meeting people, trading, crafting, and sending advisors on missions from the war room. It’s important to note that the Skyhold is a three-story building, making it challenging to locate specific stations or individuals. Therefore, it’s recommended to explore the entire location upon arrival.

The Throne Room allows you to pass verdicts

Staying at the Skyhold also introduces several new elements to the game that weren’t available at Haven, including the Throne Room. At certain points, you can take your place on the throne and pass critical verdicts that involve executing or imprisoning a suspected traitor. As these verdicts are side quests, it’s recommended to consult the game’s walkthrough for guidance.

Another exciting addition is the ability to customize the appearance of the Skyhold. You can do this by interacting with the architect’s table shown in the screenshot above (Customize Skyhold). The game offers the option to modify the Banner, Bed, Drapery, Heraldry, Decor, Throne, and Windows. However, some of these modifications are initially unavailable, and you need to unlock them either by purchasing them or through careful exploration of the game world.


What is the Skyhold?

The Skyhold is the main headquarters of the Inquisition in the game Dragon Age Inquisition. It is a large fortress situated atop a mountain, which serves as a base of operations for the Inquisitor and their companions. The Skyhold is an ancient stronghold that was once the home of the Orlesian emperor. It was abandoned for many years before being reclaimed by the Inquisition and turned into their headquarters. The fortress is heavily fortified and includes a courtyard, a throne room, a war room, a tavern, various shops, and living quarters for the Inquisitor and their companions.

What can be done at the Skyhold?

The Skyhold serves as a central hub for the Inquisitor and their companions. It is where players can customize their characters, craft weapons and armor, purchase new items, and speak with various NPCs. The fortress also plays a significant role in the game’s story, as it serves as a base of operations for the Inquisition’s efforts to combat the threat of Corypheus. The war room in the Skyhold allows players to plan and execute missions, which can have a significant impact on the game’s story and ending. Additionally, the Skyhold can be upgraded and customized throughout the game, allowing players to improve its defenses, add new features, and make it a more comfortable and functional base of operations.

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