The Unique Ability of the Herald in Dragon Age Inquisition

Besides the abilities mentioned in the previous pages, there is one more that sets the Herald apart – the Mark of the Rift. It is a standalone ability that can only be used by your character and remains the same regardless of the class chosen at the start of the game.

You will automatically receive the Mark of the Rift during the In Your Heart Shall Burn quest while entering the caves after escaping Haven. This ability creates a rift that pulls in nearby enemies and inflicts high damage.

However, the use of this ability is strictly limited. It does not rely on Stamina or Mana but requires Focus points, which are slower to acquire. You can obtain these points by killing enemies or using chains of abilities with the entire party.

It is important to note that Focus is not only necessary for activating the Mark of the Rift. It is also used for the most powerful abilities available for each specialization (one ability per specialization). Therefore, you must choose which ability you need the most.


What is Herald’s unique ability in Dragon Age Inquisition?

The Herald’s unique ability in Dragon Age Inquisition is the ability to close Fade Rifts. Fade Rifts are tears in the veil that separates the physical world from the Fade. These tears allow demons and other creatures from the Fade to enter the physical world. Closing Fade Rifts is crucial to the game’s story and gameplay. The Herald’s ability to close Fade Rifts is a manifestation of their connection to the Fade, which is a major theme in the Dragon Age franchise.

How does the Herald’s ability to close Fade Rifts work?

The Herald’s ability to close Fade Rifts is a combination of their own magical power and the use of special objects called “Rift Mage Staffs.” These staffs allow the Herald to channel their power and close the rifts. Closing a rift involves defeating a number of demonic enemies and then using the staff to seal the rift. Successfully closing a rift grants the player experience points and helps to restore stability to the game world.

Can the Herald’s ability to close Fade Rifts be upgraded?

Yes, the Herald’s ability to close Fade Rifts can be upgraded as the player progresses through the game. There are three different upgrades that can be unlocked: “Improved Closing,” “Efficient Closing,” and “Master Closing.” Each upgrade improves the Herald’s ability to close rifts in different ways. For example, “Improved Closing” makes it easier to close rifts by reducing the number of enemies that must be defeated, while “Master Closing” allows the Herald to close rifts more quickly and with less risk of being interrupted by enemy attacks.

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