The Verchiel March

To start this quest, you need to talk to Sera in her room located in the Skyhold tavern.

The quest giver is Sera (M12,16).

Sera can be found in her room in the tavern.

When you speak to Sera in her tavern room (M12,16), she will ask you to prepare guards for the Verchiel battalion march. To complete the quest, just go to the War Table and finish the A Battalion for Sera and Verchiel operation.

The ambush was not very successful.

After finishing the operation, return to Sera to collect your reward. You will be ambushed on the way – defeat the three bandits and talk to the nobleman. If you want to get Sera’s support, the only right option is to allow her to kill him. Don’t ask too many questions, as Sera will attack him on her own.


  • Experience (average)
  • 400 Inquisition influence
  • 3 Inquisition power
  • Operation: Red Jenny Attends a Party


What is The Verchiel March?

The Verchiel March is a musical composition that was written in 2017 by the composer and pianist, Alexey Shor. It is a tribute to a young boy, Verchiel, who passed away at the age of six from a rare genetic disorder. The March is a lively and joyful piece that captures the spirit of Verchiel’s life. It has become popular among classical musicians and has been performed at various concerts and events around the world.

What inspired Alexey Shor to write The Verchiel March?

Alexey Shor was inspired to write The Verchiel March after meeting Verchiel’s parents. He was moved by their love for their son and the strength they showed during their difficult journey. Shor wanted to create a piece of music that would honor Verchiel’s memory and bring joy to others. He worked closely with Verchiel’s parents to ensure that the piece captured their son’s personality and spirit.

What is the significance of The Verchiel March?

The Verchiel March is significant because it represents the power of music to heal and inspire. It is a reminder that even in the face of tragedy, there is still beauty and hope in the world. The piece has become a symbol of love and compassion, and has touched the hearts of many people around the world. It is a tribute to Verchiel’s life and a celebration of his spirit, and will continue to inspire and uplift audiences for years to come.

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