This is a guide and walkthrough for A Plague Tale Requiem, providing a list of all 36 trophies and how to obtain them. The guide includes details on the requirements for each achievement and how to unlock the platinum trophy. The game features 36 trophies, including a platinum one, and this guide is

The guide also provides details on how to unlock each trophy, such as completing chapters 1-7 for the bronze trophies Under a New Sun, Newcomers, A Burden of Blood, Protector’s Duty, In Our Wake, Leaving All Behind, and Felons. The guide notes that these trophies are tied to the player’s progress in the main storyline and are thus unmissable, regardless of the difficulty level chosen. The guide also includes comments on each trophy, such as the Requiem trophy, which is only available in the PS5 version of the game.

A Bounty of Achievements

To unlock the trophy “A Sea of Promises,” complete chapter 8. This trophy is a bronze type and is directly tied to the main storyline’s progress. It is unmissable and obtainable regardless of the difficulty level chosen. The same goes for the trophies “Tales and Revelations,” “Bloodline,” “The Cradle of Centuries,” “The Life We Deserve,” “Nothing Left,” “Healing Our Wounds,” “Dying Sun,” and “King Hugo.” Complete chapters 9 to 16 to get them.

To obtain the trophy “Knights! Knights!” you need to complete all the chapters, and it is a silver type.

The trophies “Herbalist” and “Ornithologist” are also silver types. To unlock the “Herbalist” trophy, you need to find all five flowers in the game, and to unlock the “Ornithologist” trophy, you need to find all seven feathers in the game. The locations of these collectibles are listed in the Secrets and collectibles chapter and the walkthrough.

Finally, to unlock the trophy “Explorer,” which is also a silver type, you need to open all the secret chests.

Notice: The game features hidden chests that are locked workbenches. There are 10 of them to find and unlock, and you need to use a knife to open each one. Knives can be found in the locations and should not be used on enemies to avoid running out of them. You can increase the limit of carried knives by purchasing an upgrade. We’ve provided a list and approximate locations of every locked workbench in Hidden Chests chapter.

Chapter Selection option can make obtaining missed secrets faster, but you still need to have a knife to open a locked workbench.

Immortal Memories

To unlock this, you need to recall all souvenirs. Souvenirs are collectibles, and we’ve listed their locations in the Secrets and collectibles chapter as well as our walkthrough.

Trophy type: gold

Not a Toy Anymore

To unlock this trophy, you need to fully upgrade the sling. The sling can be upgraded like other gear in the Upgrades menu, using gathered crafting resources on all three available upgrades.

You can cheat the game and earn all the upgrade-related trophies right away by purchasing all the upgrades from a single upgrade tree, such as all three Sling upgrades. This should unlock the achievement. Load a previous checkpoint to get your resources back and spend them on different upgrades. This method will let you unlock all five upgrade trophies one by one.

Trophy type: silver

Improved Crossbow

To unlock this trophy, you need to fully upgrade the crossbow, which is unlocked in the course of Chapter 5.

Trophy type: silver

Handful of Pockets

To unlock this trophy, you need to fully upgrade the gear.

Trophy type: silver

Effective Instruments

To unlock this trophy, you need to fully upgrade the instruments.

Trophy type: silver

Pocket Laboratory

To unlock this trophy, you need to fully upgrade the alchemy.

Trophy type: silver

Night Guard

To unlock this trophy, you need to extinguish 40 fires.

Trophy type: bronze

Comment: To put out fires in the game, you can use Extinguis which is automatically unlocked during chapter 3. Once you’ve unlocked it, use it to extinguish torches, baskets, bonfires, and even those carried by enemies. You can easily earn this achievement during a regular playthrough. Alternatively, you can use Ignifiers to light fires and then extinguish them immediately.


How to unlock: Craft 100 ammunitions

Trophy type: bronze

Comment: The timing of this trophy depends on how much ammo you craft. We earned this achievement during chapter 4 by using disposable gadgets frequently and exploring the visited areas to find crafting resources.


How to unlock: Fully upgrade the Aggressive skills

Trophy type: bronze

Comment: There are three skill trees in the game, one of which is Aggressive. To fully upgrade this tree, you must fill up the progress bar in each of the four skills. You can improve skills by completing enemy encounters in specific ways, and only the most dominant skill will improve. You can improve your skills during a second playthrough in NG+ mode if you can’t finish all three skill trees in one playthrough. Aggressive skills are the easiest to improve by killing enemies directly with sling, crossbow, melee attacks, ignifiers, or tar.


How to unlock: Fully upgrade the Prudence skills

Trophy type: bronze

Notes: The idea behind developing skills is discussed in the Fighter trophy notes. To improve Prudence skills, you must move through hostile areas without being spotted and attacking anyone. Use tall grass to hide and distract enemies by throwing rocks or using a prism. Our walkthrough provides tips on how to leave hostile areas and reach the exits faster.


How to unlock: Fully upgrade the Opportunism skills

Trophy type: bronze

Notes: The idea behind developing skills is discussed in the Fighter trophy notes. Improving Opportunism is the most challenging of all three skill categories as you must use Amicia’s gadgets to dispatch enemies indirectly without using your sling, crossbow, or ignifiers. You can acquire Opportunism XP by creating new light sources with Ignifer, extinguishing light sources with Exstinguis, luring rats away with Odoris, or shooting bags or hanging fish with your sling. More tips are available in the “Opportunism – how to increase?” FAQ section.

Perfect Shot

How to unlock: Shoot all the pine cones

Trophy type: bronze

Comment: This trophy is available in chapter 1. If you miss it, you can try again by using the Chapter Select option in the main menu.

To complete chapter 8 and earn the “Perfect Throw” trophy in A Plague Tale: Innocence, players must reach the second part of the village and explore the left area to find a pot throwing competition stall. The objective is to throw pots through the flower crowns, aiming straight through each one. If players miss, they can easily try again by loading the latest checkpoint. Chapter 9 offers the opportunity to earn the “Old Protector” trophy by exploring the sacred chambers and interacting with all of the old protector’s items. A detailed walkthrough is available, including instructions to examine items in Basilius’ room, the armory, the alchemy lab, and the alchemy library. The trophy will unlock before talking to Sophia. In chapter 4, players can earn the “Mercy” trophy by bypassing the guard on the docks without killing him. To do so, players should hit the guard with tar from their sling to disable him for a few seconds and then quickly run past him and go left.


What are Trophies / Achievements in Plague Tale Requiem?

Trophies / Achievements are rewards that players can earn by completing certain tasks or challenges in Plague Tale Requiem. These rewards vary in difficulty and can range from simply progressing through the game’s story to completing difficult optional objectives.

How many Trophies / Achievements are in Plague Tale Requiem?

As of now, the exact number of Trophies / Achievements in Plague Tale Requiem has not been confirmed. However, based on previous games in the series, it is likely that there will be around 30-40 Trophies / Achievements for players to earn.

Is there a Trophy Guide for Plague Tale Requiem?

Yes, there are several Trophy Guides available for Plague Tale Requiem. These guides provide players with tips and strategies for earning each Trophy / Achievement in the game. Some guides may also include details on the requirements for each Trophy / Achievement, as well as any hidden or secret objectives that players may need to complete.

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