Treasure Map XVI | Hunting for Treasures in Kingdom Come Deliverance

You can purchase the treasure map XVI from the herbalist’s hut located in the north-western part of Samopesh forest.

It’s important to note that buying the map is optional. You can simply follow the instructions in this guide to find the treasures.

Begin your search from far south of Skalitz, towards the south-west of Rovna. Look for the spot where you can cross the river as shown in the map.

Once you reach the southern shore, head westwards while staying close to the river. Find the big tree marked on the map, which grows near the river. Carefully examine the area around the tree to uncover a hidden stash that contains Ash hunting bow and Hunting sword.


What is Treasure XVI in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Treasure XVI is a treasure map in the game Kingdom Come Deliverance. It is notoriously difficult to find and requires players to explore every nook and cranny of the game world. The treasure map itself is hidden in a seemingly innocuous location, so players will need to keep their eyes peeled for any clues that might lead them to it.

How do I find the Treasure XVI map in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Finding the Treasure XVI map in Kingdom Come Deliverance can be a real challenge, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success. First, make sure you’re exploring every corner of the game world and keeping an eye out for any hidden areas or clues. Second, talk to as many NPCs as possible and keep an ear out for any rumors or legends that might point you in the right direction. Finally, don’t be afraid to consult online guides or forums if you’re really stuck. With a bit of persistence and a lot of luck, you’ll eventually stumble upon the elusive Treasure XVI map!

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