Undeath at Underpall | Quest Walkthrough

This page provides a guide on how to complete the “Undeath at Underpall” quest in Skyrim: Bruma.

Starting point: The Synod Enclave

Quest giver: Cadius Venucius

Upon entering The Synod Enclave, speak with Cadius to learn about the organization’s issues with a group of necromancers. Your objective is to eliminate the mages by going to Underpall Cave, located south of the city.

Upon entering the cave, you will face a group of skeletons. Defeat them and proceed to find graves and a group of necromancers. As dialogue is not an option, you must defeat them. Beware of their powerful magic and ability to summon skeletons. Try to lure them into tight corridors.

Use a passage to reach Underpall Keep. Keep fighting groups of necromancers as you move forward. Go up the column and pull the lever. Proceed through the unlocked gates, defeat the enemies, and reach Underpall Keep South Wing. Here, prepare for another fight as the necromancers can resurrect each other. Eliminating them from a distance and fighting them one-on-one is the best strategy.

Soon, you will encounter a strange creature called the Undead Servitor, who will invite you inside to meet the leader of the necromancers, Alavva Venucius. It is revealed that Alavva, the sister of the quest giver, is responsible for the group’s actions. After hearing her story, she will engage in battle with you.

You must decide Alavva’s fate after the fight.

The battle is not too difficult as Alavva takes a lot of time preparing spells. After the fight, speak with Alavva. If you choose to spare her, she will be surprised and may choose to kill herself. You can either agree to her request (which results in her death) or convince her not to commit suicide. If you manage to persuade her, you can decide her fate: she can join the enclave, go to Bruma, join the College of Whispers, turn herself in to the guards, or go into exile. Return to Cadius to receive 750 gold as a reward.

  1. Kill Alavva. Defeat the necromancers once more and inform Cadius of what happened. He will be devastated but reward you with 750 gold.

  1. Reunite the siblings. You can choose to bring Alavva to meet her brother after all these years.



1. What is Undeath at Underpall?

Undeath at Underpall is a quest available in the popular online game. The quest involves players exploring the Underpall dungeon and battling undead creatures. The goal of the quest is to find a powerful artifact that is hidden within the dungeon. Completing the quest rewards players with experience points and valuable loot.

2. How do I start the quest?

To start the Undeath at Underpall quest, players need to speak with the quest giver in the game. The quest giver is usually located in a major city or town. Once you have spoken with the quest giver, they will give you instructions on how to reach the Underpall dungeon and begin the quest.

3. What level do I need to be to complete the quest?

The Undeath at Underpall quest is designed for players who are at least level 20. This is because the dungeon is filled with strong undead creatures that players will need to defeat in order to progress through the quest. Players who attempt the quest at a lower level may find it very challenging.

4. How long does the quest take to complete?

The length of time it takes to complete Undeath at Underpall will vary depending on the player’s level, equipment, and skill level. On average, it takes players around 2-3 hours to complete the quest. However, some players may be able to complete it faster or slower than this.

5. What rewards do I get for completing the quest?

Completing the Undeath at Underpall quest rewards players with experience points, gold, and valuable loot. The loot includes rare weapons, armor, and other items that can be used to improve the player’s character. In addition, players who complete the quest may earn achievements or other in-game rewards.

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