Under Her Skin

To start this quest, talk to Leliana in Skyhold before beginning the “Here Lies the Abyss” main quest. You must have allied with the Templars instead of the Rogue Mages.

The quest giver is Leliana (M12,21).

Speak to Leliana in the tower at Skyhold. After the conversation, go to Val Royeaux, where you can enter one of the houses from the dock side. Climb up the stairs and reach the end of the corridor. Inside the room, deal with the Vetanori agents and search the corpse at the wall. Then, locate three crystals by the walls of the room. Return to Leliana and follow her to the Undercroft to meet with Dagna after a conversation with her.

Approach the war table and complete the “Plant Crystals in Vetanori Headquarters” operation. Once it is completed, return to Leliana and complete the “Investigate the Shrine of Dumat” operation. Then, travel to the new location.

Enter the shrine and fight demons. You can unlock a side quest, “Corypheus’s Memories,” by finding red crystals. Reach the other end of the building and encounter the Pride Demon along the way. At the end, find Magister Erasthenes behind the grates. Talk to him and return to Skyhold to talk to Leliana to complete the quest.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  1. Experience (lots)
  2. 200 Influence points
  3. 3 Power points

Corypheus’s Memories

A side quest where you must collect six red crystals at the Shrine of Dumat during the “Under Her Skin” quest. This quest activates after collecting any of the crystals. The crystals can be found in the following locations:

  1. By the window to the left of the main hall
  2. On the right side of the main hall, on the table
  3. Opposite the door to the next hall, on the desk
  4. On the hanging shelf in the storage between stairs, on the lower level
  5. In the North-Western corner of the room on the lower level, on the desk
  6. In the South-Eastern corner of the room on the lower level, on the desk

Rewards for completing the quest:

  1. Experience (little)


1. What is Under Her Skin?

Under Her Skin is a novel by Susan Mallery, a bestselling author known for her heartwarming and emotionally satisfying romance stories. The book tells the story of Lexi Titan, a successful businesswoman who has everything she could ever want – except love. When she meets Cruz Rodriguez, a talented artist with a troubled past, she finds herself drawn to him in ways she never expected. As they navigate their feelings for each other, they also have to confront the secrets and traumas that have shaped their lives. Under Her Skin is a poignant and uplifting tale of love, healing, and second chances.

2. Who is the target audience for Under Her Skin?

Under Her Skin is primarily aimed at readers who enjoy contemporary romance novels. Fans of Susan Mallery’s previous works, as well as those who appreciate stories with strong, independent female characters and complex, multilayered relationships, are likely to enjoy this book. However, the themes of family, identity, and resilience explored in Under Her Skin also make it a compelling read for anyone who enjoys character-driven fiction with a touch of drama and emotion.

3. What are some of the key themes in Under Her Skin?

Under Her Skin deals with a variety of themes related to love, identity, and emotional healing. One of the main themes is the idea of self-discovery, as both Lexi and Cruz have to confront their past traumas and learn to accept and love themselves before they can fully open up to each other. The book also explores the importance of family and community, as the characters rely on their loved ones for support and guidance throughout their journeys. Other themes include the power of art to heal and transform, and the idea that true love requires vulnerability and trust.

4. What sets Under Her Skin apart from other romance novels?

While Under Her Skin follows many of the conventions of the romance genre, such as the central focus on a romantic relationship and the happily-ever-after ending, it also stands out in a few key ways. For one, the book features a diverse cast of characters, including people of different races, ages, and backgrounds. Additionally, the story delves into some weighty issues, such as domestic violence, mental illness, and addiction, without losing its sense of warmth and hope. Finally, Susan Mallery’s writing style is known for its humor, heart, and emotional depth, making Under Her Skin a satisfying and engaging read for fans of the genre and beyond.

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