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New main objective: Meet Tolfdir outside Saarthal

Exit the College of Winterhold and check the world map to locate the Saarthal ruins, where the mages are conducting excavations. The ruins are situated in the southwest of your current location (as shown in the above screen).

If you haven’t discovered the ruins yet, start from Winterhold. Travel towards the south and turn west at the first opportunity to pass through the gully (as seen in the above screen). Be cautious as there may be wolves and bears in the area.

Your destination is the excavation site that is located on the lower level of the glacier (as shown in the above screen). You can reach there by moving around the glacier or jumping onto the lower ice ledges. Once you reach the site, speak to Tolfdir and express your willingness to enter the excavations.

New main objective: Follow Tolfdir

Enter through the small entrance of the Saarthal Excavation. As you move forward, follow Tolfdir (as seen in the above screen) and listen to his comments. Eventually, you will reach a slightly bigger room. Once again, inform Tolfdir of your willingness to cooperate. He will then ask you to find Arniel Gane and offer your help to him.

New main objective: Find Arniel Gane

Arniel Gane is located towards the northwest from your current location. Follow the only possible passage to get there. Alternatively, you can follow Tolfdir as he is also headed in that direction. After reaching a bigger room, stick to the upper balconies and cross the bridges (as seen in the above screen).

Use the western passage, which is the only possible exit from the room (excluding the corridor you used to enter). You will eventually reach Arniel. Speak to him (as shown in the above screen) and he will ask you to explore the northern rooms in search of four magical artifacts.

New main objective: Search for magical artifacts

Head north as per Arniel’s instructions. Fortunately, all the artifacts are marked, making it easy to locate them. Start by collecting the three Enchanted Rings on the ground (as seen in the above screen).

Finally, move towards the artifact that is furthest away from Arniel, the Saarthal Amulet hanging from the wall (as shown in the above screen). Be warned that taking the amulet will activate a trap, in the form of blades that will appear behind you, blocking the way back to Arniel.

Approach the blocked passage and listen to Tolfdir, who will automatically approach you (as seen in the above screen). He will inform you that the amulet you just took is the key to escaping the trap.

New main objective: Use the Saarthal Amulet to escape the trap

Access your inventory, go to Apparel, and equip the Saarthal Amulet (as shown in the above screen).

Go back to the wall where the amulet was and cast an offensive spell, like Flames, on it to destroy it. This will be followed by a short comment.

New main objective: Follow Tolfdir

Wait for Tolfdir to pass by and take the northern passage. You will come across a small room where you will witness a vision and hear Nerien talk about the Psijic Order, the danger that awaits you and the two deeds that will be judged.

New main objective: Tell Tolfdir about the vision

Tell Tolfdir about the vision and ask him about the Psijic Order if you want. Save your game, as monsters will attack you soon.

New main objective: Follow Tolfdir

Be prepared to fight Draugrs, including the elite types, like Restless Draugr and Draugr – Wight, that will break through the walls. Do not use AoE spells and avoid getting surrounded.

Follow Tolfdir through the western passage and pull the nearby lever to unlock the gate. Save your game before entering the big room.

Fight the Draugrs in this big room, with most of them being the “standard” type. Watch out for the Restless Draugr as it might cause trouble. Tolfdir will examine the ruins while you explore the deeper parts.


1. What is Under Saarthal?

Under Saarthal is a quest in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a part of the College of Winterhold questline, and it takes place in the ancient ruins of Saarthal, which are located in the Hold of Winterhold in Skyrim. The quest involves exploring the ruins, discovering the secrets of the ancient Nords who used to live there, and ultimately facing off against a powerful enemy.

2. How do I start the Under Saarthal quest?

To start the Under Saarthal quest, you must first complete the quest “First Lessons,” which is the first quest in the College of Winterhold questline. Once you have done that, speak to Tolfdir, who will give you the quest. Tolfdir can be found in the Hall of the Elements, which is located in the College of Winterhold.

3. What level should I be to complete Under Saarthal?

The recommended level for completing Under Saarthal is level 6 or higher. However, the difficulty of the quest will depend on your character’s skills and equipment, so you may be able to complete it at a lower level if you are well-prepared. It is always a good idea to save your game before attempting a difficult quest, so you can reload if necessary.

4. What rewards do I get for completing Under Saarthal?

Completing Under Saarthal will reward you with a significant amount of experience points, which will help you level up your character. You will also receive the Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson, which is a unique staff that can be used to cast a powerful shock spell. Additionally, you will be able to continue the College of Winterhold questline, which will lead to more rewards and adventures.

5. Are there any tips for completing Under Saarthal?

One tip for completing Under Saarthal is to bring a follower with you, such as Lydia or another strong warrior. This will help you deal with the enemies you encounter in the ruins. Another tip is to use magic to your advantage, as many of the enemies are weak to certain types of spells. Finally, be sure to explore the entire ruins thoroughly, as there are many hidden treasures and secrets to discover.

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