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New main objective: Discover the threat within Saarthal

Proceed to the northern exit (as seen in the above screen). It is locked, so you will need to pull both chains on its sides. This will allow you to open the door that leads to the main part of the Saarthal ruins.

Upon entering the next part of the ruins, it is recommended to save your game, as a tough battle awaits. You must first defeat a normal Draugr. Beware of the nearby runic flame trap (as seen in the above screen). You can detonate the rune from a distance or avoid it altogether, hoping to use it in the next fight. However, if you choose the latter option, be wary of your clumsy team member activating the trap.

Soon, more Draugrs (including a Draugr-Wight) will come to attack you, but your main focus should be on the Draugr-Scourge (as seen in the above screen). This monster is highly resistant and can cause significant damage, so it is crucial to use your best skills, magic, Shouts, and weapons, while also healing your hero and replenishing mana. Note that it is not safe to attack the Scourge with ranged weapons, as it will likely use a bow by default.

After the battle ends, use the stairs to reach the upper level. Look for two chests or head towards the only possible exit, located in the eastern part of the room (as seen in the above screen). Keep going, but be prepared to face a Draugr-Wight on your way. Soon, you will encounter the first puzzle in this location.

The puzzle involves interacting with six pillars and turning them to show the correct symbols. Stand as shown in the above screen (opposite to the locked grate) and approach the pillars in this order:

1) Approach pillar 1, which shows a fish by default, but the plate behind it suggests that it should be a hawk. Turn the pillar to show a hawk.

2) Approach pillar 2, which shows a hawk by default, but the plate behind it suggests that it should be a snake. Turn the pillar to show a snake.

3) Approach pillar 3, which shows a snake by default, but the plate behind it suggests that it should be a fish. Turn the pillar to show a fish.

4) Approach pillar 4, which shows a fish and the plate behind it suggests the same, so you do not need to change anything.

5) Approach pillar 5, which shows a snake by default, but the plate behind it suggests that it should be a hawk. Turn the pillar to show a hawk.

6) Approach pillar 6, which shows a fish by default, but the plate behind it suggests that it should be a hawk. Turn the pillar to show a hawk.

Finally, pull the lever to raise the grate.

Before entering the southern room, save your game. In this room, you’ll encounter a mini-boss, a Draugr – Deathlord. Use your best powers, spells, and items as the Draugr is resilient. Keep the monster at a distance since it’s a warrior. After defeating it, collect the Ebony Battleaxe from the body.

Proceed up the stairs and head to the southern door, but be aware of the two traps in the nearby corridor that can electrocute you. Destroy them from a safe distance.

Once you’ve destroyed both traps, you can access the room with another puzzle. Stand opposite the locked grate and approach the pillars in the suggested order. Turn the pillars to show the suggested image on the plate behind them.

The proper pillar arrangement can be seen in the screenshot. If you make a mistake, repeat everything in the above order to avoid the problem on multiple pillars moving at the same time. Pull the lever to use the newly unlocked passage.

Tolfdir will join you soon after. Wait for him before proceeding to the big door. Beware of the pressure plate in the corridor as it activates a trap. Once you enter the room behind the big door, save your game, as the final battle in this quest is waiting for you.

In this room, you’ll encounter Jyrik Gauldurson. Don’t attack him right away, as your attacks will only do minimal damage. Instead, wait for Tolfdir to note that the boss is very resistant and take away part of his power. Then you can fight him.

To defeat Jyrik, wait until Tolfdir weakens him and then attack with spells or magic items. Alternatively, use the opposite element to his spells; ice for fire and fire for ice. You must completely deplete his hp bar to win. Check Jyrik’s body for the Gauldur Amulet Fragment and the Writ of Sealing. Talk to Tolfdir about the sphere and then head to the Arch-Mage to report your findings and receive a reward. Use the door behind the magic sphere to exit and learn the Word of Power – Ice Form from the Word Wall, as well as loot the chest. Return to Saarthal Excavation and exit to the surface. Go to the College of Winterhold and find the Arch-Mage Quarters by using the left door in the Hall of the Elements. Talk to Arch-Mage Savos Aren and receive the Staff of Magelight as a reward. The Arch-Mage will send you to Urag gro-Shub to investigate the sphere and unlock the Hitting the Books quest.


What is Saarthal?

Saarthal is an ancient Nordic city located in the region of Winterhold in Skyrim. It was once a thriving city of the Nords, but was destroyed in a mysterious event known as the Night of Tears. The ruins of Saarthal are now home to many dangerous creatures, including draugrs and frostbite spiders. The city is also the site of an important archaeological excavation led by the College of Winterhold, where the Dragonborn must go to retrieve the Staff of Magnus.

What is the Night of Tears?

The Night of Tears is a tragic event that occurred in Saarthal many years ago. According to the legends, the Snow Elves attacked the city in an attempt to reclaim the Eye of Magnus, a powerful artifact that belonged to the Nords. The attack led to a brutal battle that resulted in the deaths of many Nords, including the city’s ruler, Ysgramor’s son, and the destruction of Saarthal. The Snow Elves were ultimately defeated, but their actions triggered a long and bitter war with the Nords known as the War of the Crag. The Night of Tears is still remembered as a dark and tragic event in Skyrim’s history.

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