Understanding Dead by Daylight’s 3-gen

Within this DBD guide, we’ll go over what 3-gen is and how to approach it as both a killer and a survivor.

3-gen is a strategy employed by killers when there are 3 unrepaired generators remaining on the map in close proximity to each other. This can create immense pressure on survivors, making it a favorable situation for the killer.

  • Killer’s Perspective
  • Survivor’s Perspective

Killer’s Perspective

When a 3-gen situation arises, killers have the advantage of being able to efficiently patrol all generators. To provoke this situation, killers can focus on the three generators that are closest together, leaving the fourth generator untouched, which is typically a mistake made by less organized teams.

As a killer, when 3-gen occurs, constantly patrol the broken generators, driving survivors away and kicking the generator. Avoid chasing unless the survivor is headed towards another generator or playing a highly mobile killer. (e.g. Nurse and Blight)

Survivor’s Perspective

The best way to avoid 3-gen is to not repair generators as you go. If you have repaired a generator in a corner of the map, head towards the center rather than the next generator in your line of sight.

If you end up in a 3-gen situation, it can be difficult to escape. If you are with another survivor, the best tactic is to fix the generator and run the moment the killer appears. Kicking alone won’t do much unless the killer doesn’t have the right perks. When the killer leaves for the other generators, you can continue working, but it can be a tiring and lengthy process.

If the killer is not interested in defending generators, survivors can lead the chase to areas without generators to buy their teammates more time to repair them safely. However, this should not be done when on the second hook as it could cost you your life.


1. What is Dead by Daylight: 3-gen?

Dead by Daylight: 3-gen refers to the game’s current iteration of its generator repair mechanics. Players must repair three generators to activate the exit gates and escape, while the killer must prevent them from doing so. The 3-gen strategy involves prioritizing the repair of generators in close proximity to each other in order to force the killer to patrol a smaller area, making escape easier for survivors. This strategy has become popular among experienced players and is used frequently in competitive play.

2. How does the 3-gen strategy impact gameplay?

The 3-gen strategy has a significant impact on gameplay, particularly for survivors. It requires a high level of coordination and communication among survivors to effectively repair the necessary generators while avoiding the killer’s attention. The strategy also forces the killer to play more defensively, as they must constantly patrol the three generators to prevent survivors from completing them. For some players, this can make the game more challenging and intense, while others may find it frustrating or repetitive.

3. Is the 3-gen strategy the only viable option for survivors?

No, the 3-gen strategy is not the only viable option for survivors. While it is a popular and effective strategy, there are other ways to successfully escape from the killer, such as using stealth and distraction tactics, or focusing on completing objectives in different areas of the map. However, the 3-gen strategy has become widely recognized and used due to its effectiveness and simplicity.

4. How do killers counter the 3-gen strategy?

Killers have a few options for countering the 3-gen strategy. One approach is to use perks and abilities that allow them to cover more ground quickly, such as Nurse’s Calling or Whispers. This allows them to quickly locate survivors attempting to repair generators and prevent them from completing them. Another option is to use perks that slow down generator repair, such as Overcharge or Ruin. This can make it more difficult for survivors to complete the necessary generators before the killer catches them.

5. Is the 3-gen strategy likely to change in future updates?

It’s possible that the 3-gen strategy may be impacted by future updates to Dead by Daylight. The game’s developers frequently make changes to gameplay mechanics in order to improve balance and address player feedback. However, at this time, it’s unclear whether any changes to the generator repair mechanics will be made in the future. Regardless, the 3-gen strategy is likely to remain a popular and effective approach for both survivors and killers alike.

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