Understanding Requisitions in Dragon Age Inquisition

A Quartermaster in Haven

Inquisition’s Requisition is an optional action that allows you to gain Power points and Influence points. Ignoring them is not recommended because they are an enjoyable way of contributing to the Inquisition’s progress, such as equipping soldiers with better gear.

To start, locate the quartermaster who can be found in each encampment, a smaller stronghold, and a keep. Once you find them, interact with the Table of Requisitions to learn what materials, resources, and ingredients are required to complete the commission. After learning the requirements, set out to find the necessary resources. Once found, return to the Table and complete the process.

It’s important to note that completing a task in a given location is not enough, as you can unlock more tasks and gather more ingredients. Since Inquisition’s Requisitions are perceived as quests, they have been described in the game’s walkthrough.


1. What are requisitions in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Requisitions are tasks that players can complete in Dragon Age Inquisition to acquire crafting materials, power, and influence points. These tasks are given by various NPCs throughout the game and involve collecting a certain number of items, typically found in the game world or through looting defeated enemies. Once the required number of items is collected, players can return to the NPC who gave the task and turn in the requisition for rewards.

2. Why should I complete requisitions?

Completing requisitions can provide players with valuable crafting materials, which can be used to create powerful weapons, armor, and other items. Additionally, completing requisitions can also provide players with power and influence points, which can help unlock new areas, quests, and abilities. Finally, some requisitions are required to progress certain quests or storylines, making them necessary to complete in order to continue the game.

3. What types of requisitions are there?

There are several types of requisitions in Dragon Age Inquisition, including herb gathering, hunting, and item collection. Herb gathering requisitions require players to collect a certain number of specific herbs found throughout the game world, while hunting requisitions involve collecting animal parts or defeating specific enemies. Item collection requisitions require players to collect a variety of items, such as metals or fabrics, which can be used for crafting.

4. Are there any tips for completing requisitions more efficiently?

One tip for completing requisitions more efficiently is to focus on completing multiple requisitions at once. For example, if you have a requisition that requires 10 bear pelts and another that requires 20 ram meat, try to hunt both bears and rams in the same area to save time. Additionally, using skills and abilities that increase loot drops or speed up gathering can help you complete requisitions more quickly. Finally, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for requisitions while exploring new areas, so you can collect the necessary items as you go along.

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