Unexpected Visit | Main Quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Unexpected Visit is the first mission in the main storyline of Kingdom Come: Deliverance that takes place only in Skalitz. This quest provides various optional objectives and alternative solutions. Check out our guide to learn them all.

  • Beginning of the Game
  • Get the Sword Hilt from the Castle
  • Collect Debt from Kunesh
  • Purchase Charcoal at the Market
  • Meet Your Friends at the Tavern
  • Get Ale for Your Father from the Tavern
  • Attend Sword-fighting Lesson
  • Return to Your Father

Beginning of the Game

  1. Your dialogue choices during the first discussion with your mother will affect your character’s stats. These stats will be increased by one level before you begin. You can choose an attribute twice to increase it by two levels or choose a different one each time. This decision is not critical, as you can develop all attributes later in the game. Don’t forget to grab the food from Henry’s house because your character is hungry.
  2. Go to the meeting with your father, who will give you a list of tasks you need to complete. It will activate a brief tutorial for the persuasion skill. For example, try to impress with Charisma.

Get the Sword Hilt from the Castle

Talk to the guards standing in front of the castle gate. You’ll receive a crossguard that is required to craft a sword.

Collect Debt from Kunesh

Kunesh is located near his hut. Mention the appropriate topic during the conversation. To complete the quest, you can use the following options:

  1. Use Persuasion during the conversation – if you’re successful, you’ll receive Kunesh’s keys.
  2. Use Intimidation during the conversation – if you’re successful, you’ll receive Kunesh’s keys. If you fail, Kunesh may attack Henry, and you’ll have to defeat him in a fistfight.
  3. You can also take Kunesh’s axe, hammer, and nails without his permission. The axe is the easiest to obtain. Wait for Kunesh to leave his workplace and grab the axe.

Obtaining the hammer and nails will be more challenging because they are in a locked chest inside Kunesh’s hut. If you have succeeded in persuading or intimidating Kunesh, you may have the key to open the chest. Otherwise, meet up with your friends at the tavern (described below) and later near Kunesh’s hut. Then, you can do one of the following:

  1. Ask your friends for help in solving the Kunesh problem – go with them to Kunesh. A brief conversation will lead to a brawl. Beat Kunesh together, and you’ll acquire Kunesh’s keys.
  2. Talk to Fritz about solving the problem of the locked chest – he’ll give you four lockpicks. You can now try to open the locked chest. If you succeed, you can take the hammer and nails; if you break all four lockpicks, you’ll have to find a different solution.

Your objective is to acquire the axe, hammer, and nails.

Purchase charcoal from the market

Visit the coal trader and purchase 10 pieces of charcoal for Henry. At the start of the game, you don’t have any gold, so you can try bartering with items from your inventory, such as food from Henry’s house. You can also haggle for a better price.

Meet your friends at the tavern

This objective isn’t initially listed in the journal. After watching the cut-scene, decide whether to join your friends in their plan to throw dung at the Deutsch’s house. If you choose to participate, accompany them to the house.

Talk to Deutsch’s wife to lure her away from the house. Following another cut-scene, you’ll engage in a brawl with Deutsch and his companions. You can attack them in any order. When Henry’s endurance bar drops, keep your distance from the enemies to avoid permanent damage. After winning the fight, flee with your friends.

Throwing dung at the Deutsch’s house may result in two negative consequences. If you fail to escape in time or run in the wrong direction, you may encounter a guard who will reprimand you. Later in the quest, you’ll learn that your father had an unpleasant conversation with the Deutsch during a visit.

Get some ale for Dad from the tavern

Head to the tavern and meet Bianca, who will give you a pitcher of ale and three bottles of Saviour Schnapps. The alcohol is used to manually save the game, but don’t waste it completing this quest.

Attend the sword-fighting lesson

Speak with Combat Master Vanyek in the village and meet him at the practice ring to the left of the castle. Complete basic combat lessons with a melee weapon and follow Vanyek’s instructions as they appear on the screen. You’ll learn how to move on the battlefield, lock the camera onto enemies, execute basic attacks, secondary attacks, and combos.

Return to your father

Only return to your father after completing all other mandatory quests. When Theresa appears, give her the nails taken from Kunesh. A long cut-scene will then trigger, completing this quest.


1. What is the Unexpected Visit quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

The Unexpected Visit is one of the main quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance. It is triggered when the player talks to Sir Radzig at Talmberg Castle. The quest requires the player to investigate a bandit attack on a nearby village and find out who is responsible.

2. How do I complete the Unexpected Visit quest?

To complete the Unexpected Visit quest, the player needs to gather information about the bandit attack by talking to the villagers and investigating the crime scene. Once the player has enough evidence, they need to report back to Sir Radzig. The quest ends with a battle against the bandits where the player needs to protect the village and defeat the enemy leader.

3. What are the rewards for completing the Unexpected Visit quest?

Completing the Unexpected Visit quest rewards the player with experience points and reputation points. The player also receives a new horse and armor from Sir Radzig as a token of appreciation for their service. Additionally, the player gains access to new quests and opportunities as they progress through the game.

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