Unlocking “Open a Vein” Quest

To unlock this quest, players must find a letter inside the hidden cave located in the Southern part of the game map.

Quest Giver: – (M3,21)

Players will need to break through a magical barrier to enter the cave and reach the end of the corridor to find the Red Lyrium vein (M3,21a). Completing this quest is simple and easy.

Rewards for completing the quest include 40 Influence points.


What does it mean to “open a vein”?

“Opening a vein” is a phrase commonly used in writing to describe the act of revealing personal and often painful experiences or emotions in one’s work. The phrase is attributed to the writer Red Smith, who said, “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” It is often used to describe the process of writing autobiographical or confessional works, where the writer exposes their innermost thoughts and feelings to the reader. The phrase can also be used more broadly to describe any creative work that requires a deep level of emotional investment from the creator.

Is “opening a vein” necessary for good writing?

While “opening a vein” can often lead to powerful and emotionally resonant writing, it is not necessarily required for good writing. Many great writers have been able to craft compelling and impactful works without revealing much of their own personal experiences or emotions. Additionally, some writers may feel uncomfortable or unwilling to expose themselves in such a way, and that is perfectly valid. Ultimately, what makes writing “good” is subjective and varies from reader to reader. Some may value honesty and vulnerability above all else, while others may be more interested in technical skill or storytelling ability. What is important is that the writer is true to themselves and their own voice, whether that involves “opening a vein” or not.

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