Upon My Honor | Completing the Quest

This guide provides information on how to complete the “Upon My Honor” quest in Skyrim: Bruma. The quest involves visiting a new location known as The Serpent’s Trail.

Starting point: Jerall View Inn

Quest giver: Lassinia Iron-Heart

Upon speaking with Lassinia, she expresses her concerns about her missing husband. She asks you to investigate and find any information regarding his whereabouts. Your first task is to inquire with his friends from the guard. Head to Pale-Pass Fort to begin your investigation.

Visit the bandits’ hideout.

Upon arriving at the fort, you must search for Imperial Soldiers and ask them about the missing man. One of them will tell you a story suggesting that the bandits’ hideout nearby could be responsible for Iron Heart’s disappearance. The guard will direct you to a new location, Serpent’s Trail – go there.

Retrieve Harran’s journal.

Once you enter the cave, proceed forward and take the left fork. You will eventually come across the body of the missing man. Upon searching it, you will find a journal – read it and take it with you. The journal reveals that the man joined the Stormcloaks right before his death. Your final task is to inform his family of his fate.

Choose how to reveal the truth about Harran.

You must make a choice – give the journal to Sellus Prelius and he will hide the truth from Lassina about her husband’s treason and reward you with 250 gold. Alternatively, you can tell her the truth and she will appreciate your honesty and give you 400 gold. Regardless of your choice, the quest is completed.


1. What is Upon My Honor?

Upon My Honor is a popular multiplayer game that allows players to complete quests and earn rewards. The game is set in a medieval world and features a wide range of characters, including knights, wizards, and dragons. Players can choose their character and complete quests to earn experience points, gold, and other rewards. The game is available on multiple platforms, including PC and mobile devices, and has a large and active player base.

2. How do I start a quest in Upon My Honor?

To start a quest in Upon My Honor, you need to visit the quest board in the town square. The quest board will display a list of available quests, along with information about the rewards and difficulty level. Once you choose a quest, you can accept it and begin your adventure. Some quests require specific items or skills, so be sure to check the requirements before starting a quest.

3. Can I play Upon My Honor alone, or do I need to join a guild?

You can play Upon My Honor alone or with others. If you prefer to play alone, you can complete quests and progress through the game at your own pace. However, joining a guild can provide several benefits, including access to exclusive quests, bonuses, and a community of players to chat and play with. To join a guild, you need to visit the guild hall in the town square and apply to join a guild that matches your playstyle and interests.

4. What types of quests are available in Upon My Honor?

Upon My Honor features a wide range of quests, including combat, exploration, and crafting quests. Combat quests require you to defeat enemies and bosses, while exploration quests require you to discover new locations and solve puzzles. Crafting quests involve creating items and weapons using materials found throughout the game world. Each quest offers unique challenges and rewards, and completing them can help you progress through the game and earn valuable items and experience points.

5. How do I earn rewards in Upon My Honor?

You can earn rewards in Upon My Honor by completing quests, defeating enemies, and collecting items. Rewards can include gold, experience points, and valuable items like weapons and armor. You can use gold to purchase items from vendors in the game world, while experience points can be used to level up your character and unlock new skills and abilities. Collecting items can also be useful, as they can be used to craft new items and weapons or sold for gold.

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