Using Poison in Hitman 2

To successfully eliminate a target using poison in Hitman 2, you must first observe their behavior and determine what they eat or drink. The second step involves obtaining the poison.

Pouring poison is a risky move, and should be done without witnesses. Only deadly poisons will neutralize the target. Emetic rat poison and chloroform will not work, as they only cause the target to vomit or fall asleep, respectively.

At mastery level 7 in Whittleton Creek (Another Life), you can equip Agent 47 with deadly poison at the start of the game instead of searching for it on the map. Note that this is a one-time option, but you can smuggle another bottle onto the map.


1. What types of poison are available in Hitman 2?

In Hitman 2, there are four types of poison available to use: lethal poison, emetic poison, sedative poison, and lethal pills. Lethal poison will kill the target, while emetic poison will make them vomit and sedative poison will put them to sleep. Lethal pills can be used to poison food or drinks.

2. How do I obtain poison in Hitman 2?

There are several ways to obtain poison in Hitman 2. You can find it in various locations throughout the game, or you can purchase it from the black market. Some missions also have specific opportunities to acquire poison, such as stealing it from a lab or retrieving it from a target’s safe.

3. How do I apply poison to my target?

Once you have obtained poison, you can apply it to your target in a few different ways. You can add it to their food or drink, or you can inject them with a syringe. Additionally, some missions may have unique opportunities to use poison, such as sabotaging a ventilation system to release poison gas.

4. How can I avoid suspicion when using poison?

To avoid suspicion when using poison, it is important to be stealthy and avoid being seen by other NPCs. You can also disguise yourself as a waiter or chef to gain access to the target’s food or drink. It is also important to dispose of any evidence, such as a used syringe or empty poison vial, before leaving the area.

5. Can I use poison on multiple targets in one mission?

Yes, you can use poison on multiple targets in one mission. However, it is important to be strategic and consider the consequences of your actions. Killing too many people or attracting too much attention can alert other NPCs and make it more difficult to complete the mission. It is also important to avoid killing any non-targets, as this can negatively affect your mission rating.

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