Using Rogues in Dragon Age Inquisition

Varrik is the first rogue to join your party and has his own unique weapon.

Rogues are a character class that can be part of your party. They are a compromise between the mage and warrior classes, using daggers effectively and also performing well with bows. They can also use tricks that resemble magic. Their equipment consists of weapons with moderate power and defense. Leaving rogues out of your party may cause issues with opening locks in the game world. Playing as a rogue can be challenging as it requires attacking stealthily and quietly to land the strongest attacks. Some attacks may not immediately defeat enemies and there are very few area-of-effect attacks. However, for players who can control the rogue effectively, this class can be irreplaceable. Varrik is the first rogue to join your party, equipped with his own unique crossbow named Bianca. Later in the game, you can recruit Cole and Sera as your party rogues.

Rogues with daggers are typically offensive and can maneuver around enemies.

Rogues are divided into two categories: those who fight at close quarters with dual-wields, and those who fight at a distance with a bow. If your party has only one warrior, it is better to choose fighting with daggers. Training the rogue in several abilities of both groups and using them depending on the current situation is optimal. For example, fighting a dragon that lands nearly unblockable attacks against opponents in melee is best done with daggers, while archers can deal lots of damage from afar and to multiple opponents at once. This class also has two groups of abilities that rely on dirty tricks. Using these abilities, rogues can become invisible, put enemies to sleep with special powder, poison opponents and drain their health, or use a special elixir to gain additional buffs.

Rogues can serve different roles in a party:

  • Rogues equipped with daggers can support the warrior and make it more difficult for opponents to maneuver.
  • Rogues equipped with bows deal lots of damage but need to be watched over if they come into direct contact with opponents.
  • Rogues with invisibility can act as supporters, distracting opponents and reviving fallen party members.


1. What are rogues in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Rogues are one of the three classes in Dragon Age Inquisition, alongside warriors and mages. They are skilled in stealth and agility, making them ideal for sneaking past enemies and dealing massive damage with their weapons.

2. What are the different types of rogues in Dragon Age Inquisition?

There are three different subclasses of rogues in Dragon Age Inquisition: archers, dual-wielders, and dagger specialists. Archers excel at long-range attacks and can pick off enemies from a distance. Dual-wielders are deadly up close, dealing massive damage with their two weapons. Dagger specialists are quick and agile, able to dodge attacks and land precise strikes on their enemies.

3. How do rogues fit into a party in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Rogues are useful in a party because they can often take out enemies before they even see the rest of the group. They also have useful abilities like disarming traps and picking locks, which can help the party progress through areas. Additionally, rogues can be built to focus on crowd control, using abilities like sleep darts and caltrops to slow down enemies and give the party an advantage in combat.

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