Uzhitz | Main Locations Map in Kingdom Come Deliverance

The above map displays Uzhitz, a village located in the north-eastern region of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance game. During the main quest, you will visit Uzhitz, but you can also explore this location earlier to learn how to read or purchase a new horse.

  • Key Locations in Uzhitz
  • Uzhitz Skill Trainers

Key Locations in Uzhitz

  1. Church – Father Godwin, a priest who is part of the main quest, leads this church.
  2. Scribe’s House – Writer can teach Henrik the basics of reading which happens during a side quest Mightier than the sword. You can continue studying writing by paying for next lessons and buying new books.
  3. Stable Boy – This person can sell you a horse with better statistics than Kelpie, who is a reward for completing one of the main quests. You can also buy a book that improves your Riding and better equipment for your horse.
  4. Vashek – He is in the same location as the Groom. You can ask him to train you in Horsemanship.
  5. Herbalist Gertrude’s House – You won’t find it on the main map of Uzhitz. You have to go west from the village and find this hut in the forest. Gertrude can teach you the Herbalist skill. She can also sell you, e.g. a Herbalist skill book and various potion recipes.

Uzhitz Skill Trainers

  1. Herbalist Gertrude – Herbalism (her hut is in the forest located west from Uzhitz)


1. What is Uzhitz in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Uzhitz is one of the major locations in Kingdom Come Deliverance, which is a medieval RPG game set in Bohemia, Czech Republic. It is a small village that lies on the edge of the forest, and it is known for its horse breeding and trade. In Uzhitz, players can find a blacksmith, a trader, an inn, and a church. The village also has a stable where players can buy or sell horses. It is a peaceful place, but there are some quests that players can complete in Uzhitz, which involve solving mysteries and helping the villagers.

2. How can I find Uzhitz on the map?

To find Uzhitz on the map in Kingdom Come Deliverance, players can open their map by pressing the M key. Uzhitz is located in the northwest part of the map, near the Sasau Monastery. It is marked with a small icon of a house, which represents a village. Players can also use the fast travel option to quickly travel to Uzhitz from any other location on the map.

3. What are the main quests in Uzhitz?

There are several quests that players can complete in Uzhitz, including “The Horse That Bolted,” “A Needle in a Haystack,” and “A Rock and a Hard Place.” “The Horse That Bolted” involves finding a lost horse for a local trader, while “A Needle in a Haystack” requires players to search for a missing person in the Sasau Monastery. “A Rock and a Hard Place” is a more complex quest that involves solving a murder mystery in Uzhitz. Players can also find some side quests and activities, such as hunting, fishing, and gambling, in Uzhitz.

4. Are there any secrets or hidden locations in Uzhitz?

Yes, there are some secrets and hidden locations in Uzhitz that players can discover. For example, there is a hidden treasure chest that contains valuable items and money. To find it, players need to follow a series of clues and solve a puzzle. There is also a secret underground passage that leads to a hidden room with some loot. Players can find the entrance to the passage by interacting with a certain object in the village. Additionally, there are some interesting NPCs and easter eggs in Uzhitz that players can encounter by exploring the village and talking to the locals.

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