Uzhitz Quests in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Quests, also known as activities, are smaller tasks that can be taken on in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. These can be found through exclamation markers on the map. In this guide, you will find a list of quests that are available in Uzhitz and the surrounding area. Uzhitz is located in the north-east corner of the map and can be visited at any time, either by your own accord or while completing the main quest Mysterious Ways.

Fishy Business in Uzhitz

How to unlock: Speak to a fisherman in the camp to the north-east of Uzhitz.

To begin this quest, you must first visit the camp located to the northeast of Uzhitz, as shown in the screenshot above. Here, you will meet a Fisherman who will tell you about money fights.

Before you can challenge the Fisherman to a duel, you must first defeat three other warriors from Uzhitz. Each time you challenge someone to a duel, the action will switch to a small arena next to the village. The fight takes place without weapons, so it is important to level up your close combat (Unarmed) skills beforehand. You can also improve this skill by playing through this quest. Before each fight, you must pay 5 groschen, but after the victory, you will win 10 groschen. Additionally, you can search the body of your defeated opponent and take valuable items from their inventory.

If you defeat the Fisherman, you will receive a skill book (Agile as a Weasel), which increases your Agility skill when read. However, the quest is not yet complete. You can challenge the Fisherman again to further develop your Unarmed skill, and he also offers paid training in this area.


What kind of activities can I do in Uzhitz in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

In Uzhitz, players can participate in various activities, such as hunting, fishing, and gambling. Hunting can be done by purchasing a bow and arrows, and then tracking down animals in the woods. Fishing can be done by buying a fishing rod and going to the river, where players can catch different types of fish. Gambling can be done by playing dice, which can be found in the local tavern. Additionally, players can also visit the local blacksmith to purchase or repair their weapons and armor.

Are there any unique quests in Uzhitz?

Yes, there are several unique quests in Uzhitz. One of them involves helping a local merchant retrieve his stolen goods, while another involves investigating a mysterious illness that is plaguing the town. There is also a quest that involves helping a local priest in performing an exorcism. These quests not only provide players with new challenges to overcome, but also add to the overall story and atmosphere of the game.

Can I buy or sell items in Uzhitz?

Yes, players can buy and sell items in Uzhitz. The local merchant sells a variety of goods, including weapons, armor, and potions. Players can also sell their own items to the merchant, or to any of the other local traders. In addition, players can also participate in trading runs, where they can purchase goods in one town and sell them for a profit in another.

Are there any notable landmarks or buildings in Uzhitz?

Yes, there are several notable landmarks and buildings in Uzhitz. The most prominent is the Church of Saint Procopius, which is a large and impressive structure located in the center of town. There is also a large mill on the outskirts of town, which is used for grinding grain. Finally, there is a large castle on the hill overlooking the town, which is currently occupied by a local lord.

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