V Rising: How to Create Explosives?

This V Rising tutorial page provides information about explosives and teaches you how to create and use them.

Our guide covers the process of crafting explosives and their functionality.

  • Ore Mining
  • Crafting Explosives

Ore Mining

Explosives can be used to break rocks and mineral nodes, making it easier to collect resources and level up your character.

Crafting Explosives

In order to craft explosives, you need to first unlock the Alchemy Table by defeating Clive the Firestarter, a V Blood Carrier with a level of 30. This is not an easy opponent for beginners.

To craft explosives, you will need 8 Sulfurs, 8 Planks, and 4 Whetstones.


What are explosives in V Rising?

Explosives are a type of weapon that players can create in V Rising. They can be used to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies or structures.

How can I create explosives in V Rising?

To create explosives, players will need to gather the necessary resources. The two main resources required for creating explosives are Gunpowder and Sulfur. Gunpowder can be crafted using Charcoal and Saltpeter, while Sulfur can be mined from Sulfur Nodes found in the world.

Once players have gathered these resources, they can craft different types of explosives using the Explosives Crafting Station. Some of the explosive types available include Dynamite, C4, and Land Mines. Each type of explosive has its own unique properties and can be used in different ways.

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