Valammar: A New Location in The Hinterlands

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Crucial Collectibles

M 11 – Mosaic Piece. Collection: The Fall.

M 12 – Mosaic Piece. Collection: The Fall.

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The map of the Valammar area is shown above. It is an underground location of medium size. You can enter it after obtaining the key in The Hinterlands and reaching the hidden door behind the waterfall (visit the Hidden Locations page to learn more). You explore Valammar while completing the “Deep Trouble” side quest. It is important to note that you will encounter numerous opponents in this location, including members of the cartel and Darkspawns. Additionally, you can collect numerous items here, with the most important ones being in the large treasure.


1. What is Valammar and where is it located in The Hinterlands?

Valammar is an additional location that can be found in The Hinterlands, which is an area in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is a dwarven ruin that was once a major trading hub for the dwarves. Valammar is located in the western part of The Hinterlands, near the river and south of the Dusklight Camp. It can be accessed through a cave system that is guarded by a group of hostile bandits.

2. What can players expect to find in Valammar?

Players who venture into Valammar can expect to find a challenging dungeon crawl filled with traps, puzzles, and enemies. The ruins are inhabited by a variety of creatures, including spiders, undead, and hostile dwarves who have taken up residence. There are also several hidden rooms and secrets to discover, as well as valuable loot and equipment that can be found throughout the dungeon.

3. Is it necessary to explore Valammar in order to complete The Hinterlands?

No, exploring Valammar is not necessary in order to complete The Hinterlands. It is an optional location that players can choose to explore if they are looking for a challenge or additional loot and equipment. However, completing the Valammar dungeon can provide players with a sense of accomplishment and can help them to level up and become stronger for future challenges in the game.

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