Venom | Fighting the Boss

The battle against Venom is a difficult one. The villain will continuously summon enemies, so it’s best to ignore them and focus on taking down the main threat. The boss is invincible, so you need to weaken him first before delivering a final blow. To do this, destroy all the objects on the left side of the arena and use the debris to build a radio. Once it’s working, run towards Venom and punch him in the face. This will complete the first stage of the fight.

You’ll have to survive against an endless group of minions for some time until a computer appears on the central wall. Use it to unlock a massive fire thrower, climb on it, and shoot at Venom. Once he’s burning, you can attack him normally.

As soon as Venom is almost defeated, turn right and head towards the crane. Use your spider sense to locate two attachable points and pull them to scatter some bricks. Use the debris to build a bell and switch to Hawkeye. Shoot an arrow at the bell to strike Venom with the final blow.


What are boss fights in Venom?

In Venom, boss fights are battles against particularly tough opponents, usually at the end of a level or section of the game. These bosses often have unique abilities or attacks that require the player to use different strategies to defeat them. Boss fights can be very challenging, and may require the player to learn the boss’s patterns and weaknesses to succeed. Successfully defeating a boss usually rewards the player with special items or abilities that can help them progress further in the game.

Who are some of the bosses in Venom?

There are several challenging bosses in Venom, each with their own unique abilities and attacks. One of the early bosses is the symbiote-infected Rhino, who charges at the player and can be difficult to dodge. Later in the game, players will face off against the powerful and agile symbiote Carnage, who can shoot projectiles and quickly move around the battlefield. Another challenging boss is the symbiote-infected Scorpion, who can shoot venomous projectiles and create shockwaves that can knock the player off balance. These bosses are just a few examples of the many challenging opponents players will face in Venom.

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