Walkthrough for Mission 6 – Securing the Crossing in Sniper Elite 5

Mission 6 in Sniper Elite 5, also known as Liberation, has a central map section that offers two paths to choose from. Our guide provides a detailed description of how to either kill three snipers in the west or disarm the explosives on the bridge in the east.

When playing Mission 6 in Sniper Elite 5, you will come across a fork in the road where you can choose to take the western or eastern path. Our walkthrough covers both options. You will find out how to locate and eliminate the three snipers in the western town, as well as how to disarm the two explosive charges on the eastern bridge.

Note that you only need to secure one of the crossings in order to complete the mission. The other location will become a side objective that needs to be secured to fully complete the mission.

  • Option 1: Eliminate the snipers
  • Option 2: Disarm the explosives on the bridge

Option 1: Eliminate the snipers

This is the more challenging option as you will have to kill three snipers guarding the western bridge near the town. These snipers mainly watch the area to the south. Be cautious as they can start firing at you before you even reach the town.

The sniper nests are located on the damaged church tower and the upper floors of residential buildings. See the pictures above for reference.

If you have a scoped rifle, it will be easier to shoot one or two of them from a distance. However, it will be difficult to get a safe shot on the snipers in the southern buildings.

Approach the western town from the north or east as shown above. Move stealthily and avoid alerting the regular soldiers or the snipers. Do not move out in the open either.

You can eliminate the snipers either by shooting them or by reaching their nests and performing stealth takedowns. Doing so will unlock the Up Close and Personal trophy as described in our trophy guide.

Option 2: Disarm the explosives on the bridge

This is the easier option as there are no snipers to avoid or eliminate in the west. You will have to secure the eastern bridge near an enemy camp.

You can eliminate the enemies guarding the bridge and patrolling the area from a distance. We suggest taking your shots from the building south of the bridge as the generator inside creates noise that can mask your shots.

Once you reach the bridge, go down to the shallow river. There are two explosives that need to be disarmed on both sides of the bridge’s main support. Interact with them to disarm the explosives.


What is Sniper Elite 5: Securing the crossing (mission 6)?

Sniper Elite 5: Securing the crossing (mission 6) is a mission in the popular video game Sniper Elite 5. In this mission, the player takes on the role of a sniper tasked with securing a strategic crossing point and eliminating enemy forces.

How do I complete Sniper Elite 5: Securing the crossing (mission 6)?

To complete Sniper Elite 5: Securing the crossing (mission 6), players must use their sniper skills to take out enemy forces and secure the crossing point. The mission is divided into several objectives, each of which must be completed in order to progress.

Players must use stealth and careful planning to avoid detection by enemy forces. They can use a variety of weapons, including sniper rifles, pistols, and grenades, to take out enemy soldiers and complete objectives.

It is important to use cover and concealment to avoid being detected by enemy snipers and to move carefully through the environment to avoid triggering alarms or other defenses.

Overall, completing Sniper Elite 5: Securing the crossing (mission 6) requires a combination of strategy, skill, and patience, and is a highly rewarding experience for fans of the series.

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