Walkthrough of Sisters’ Burial Grounds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

This page of the Diablo 2 Resurrected guide will show you how to begin and complete the Cemetery Of The Sisters task, which is the second feature mission in Act 1. During this quest, you will encounter the first boss – the Blood Raven – and unlock the Mercenaries feature.

Speak with Kashya in the camp to start the Sisters’ Burial Grounds mission. You will have to defeat the Blood Raven – the first major mini-boss – during this quest. To reach the Burial Grounds, which are not adjacent to the Blood Moor, go to the Cold Plains. Flavie will be guarding the entrance to the location, indicating that you are heading in the correct direction. The Burial Grounds can be reached directly from the Cold Plains, or you can find the entrance to the Stony Field here.

The Blood Raven can be found in the center of the Burial Grounds, or she will locate you. She moves quickly, uses a bow, and has the ability to infuse arrows with elements during certain attacks. If you don’t have a specific specialization, it’s a good idea to use a ranged weapon or magic. In the meantime, skeletons and zombies will attack you (but most of them will be destroyed once you defeat the Blood Raven). The zombies will surround the Blood Raven to protect her, so it’s crucial to eliminate her as soon as possible.

You can also explore the optional Mausoleum in this location. After completing the task, Kashya will allow you to hire mercenaries, and she’ll even give you one for free.


1. What is Sisters’ Burial Grounds in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Sisters’ Burial Grounds is a location in Diablo 2 Resurrected that is part of Act 1. It is a cemetery where the sisters of the Order of the Sightless Eye are buried. The area is filled with undead monsters, and players must fight their way through to reach the Crypt, where Andariel, the Act boss, awaits.

2. What are the recommended character level and equipment for Sisters’ Burial Grounds?

The recommended character level for Sisters’ Burial Grounds is around 13-15. As for equipment, players should have weapons and armor that provide resistance to poison and undead monsters. It is also recommended to bring healing potions, as the monsters in the area can inflict poison damage.

3. How can I navigate through Sisters’ Burial Grounds?

Sisters’ Burial Grounds consists of several levels. Players should start by exploring the cemetery and clearing out the undead monsters. They should then look for the entrance to the Crypt, which is usually located in a corner of the area. Once inside the Crypt, players should move through the levels, fighting off monsters and avoiding traps, until they reach Andariel.

4. What are the unique challenges in Sisters’ Burial Grounds?

The main challenge in Sisters’ Burial Grounds is the large number of undead monsters that players must fight off. These monsters can inflict poison damage, so players should be prepared with healing potions and resistance gear. Additionally, the Crypt contains traps that can cause significant damage to players if they are not careful.

5. What rewards can I expect from completing Sisters’ Burial Grounds?

Completing Sisters’ Burial Grounds and defeating Andariel will reward players with experience points and loot drops. The loot drops can include rare and unique items that can be used to upgrade the player’s equipment. Additionally, completing the area will allow players to progress to the next act of the game.

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