What It’s Worth

How to initiate the quest: Talk to the miner in The Forbidden Oasis

Quest giver: The miner (M8)

The miner

In The Forbidden Oasis, there is a miner who can give you a quest. He can be found anywhere on the map, indicated by an exclamation mark icon that moves around.

Par’as case

After talking to the miner, you discover that he lost his ring in the Par’as Cavern (M8,4a) located in the North-Eastern part of the map. Venatori soldiers patrol the area outside the cave, while spiders lurk inside. Defeat these enemies and head towards the Western corridor of the cave where you’ll find a case (M8,4b) containing the lost ring. Return the ring to the miner to receive a key to a locked door in the Par’as Cavern. This unlocks another quest called The Door in Par’as Cavern.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • 80 Influence points


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