Where to Find Lethal Poison in Hitman 2: The Finish Line Walkthrough

In Hitman 2, Lethal Poison is a valuable item to have when completing various challenges in Miami (The Finish Line). It allows you to eliminate targets or other characters discreetly by adding poison to their food or drinks. To obtain the poison, you must go to the northeast part of the map, specifically the medical wing’s Emergency Bay. You can find the pill box containing the poison on a bench inside the dressing room. Additionally, you can find a syringe with lethal poison inside a metal box on the wall, but it cannot be used to poison food (the key to the box can be found at the reception desk).

The following challenges can be completed using Lethal Poison during The Finish Line mission:

  1. Don’t Drive And Drink,
  2. Doctor 47 and Vitamin Overdose (using the syringe instead of the pills),
  3. The Florida Diet,
  4. Ocular Administration.


1. Where can I find the lethal poison in Hitman 2?

You can find the lethal poison in various locations throughout the game. One of the easiest ways to obtain it is by purchasing it from the smuggled item pickup point on the Miami level. Alternatively, you can also find lethal poison in the Mumbai level by searching the shelves of the medical area in the laundry building.

2. How do I use lethal poison in Hitman 2?

To use lethal poison, you must first equip it from your inventory. Once equipped, you can either add it to food or drink items by selecting the appropriate prompt, or you can apply it directly to a target by approaching them and using the prompt to apply the poison to their person. Be careful, though – using lethal poison in front of witnesses can raise suspicion and make it more difficult to complete your mission.

3. Can I create my own lethal poison in Hitman 2?

Yes, you can create your own lethal poison by combining certain items in your inventory. For example, mixing emetic poison and rat poison will create lethal poison. However, creating your own poison can be riskier than simply finding it in the game, as it may require you to enter restricted areas or engage in suspicious behavior that could put you at risk of being caught by guards or other NPCs.

4. What is the best way to use lethal poison in Hitman 2?

The best way to use lethal poison depends on your specific mission objectives and the layout of the level you are playing. In general, it is best to use lethal poison on targets who are isolated or who have a predictable routine that will allow you to apply the poison without being detected. It can also be useful to use lethal poison to create distractions or to eliminate targets without drawing attention to yourself.

5. Is it possible to complete the Finish Line mission in Hitman 2 without using lethal poison?

Yes, it is possible to complete the Finish Line mission without using lethal poison. There are multiple paths and strategies you can use to eliminate your targets and accomplish your objectives, including disguising yourself as a race official or mechanic, using non-lethal takedowns, and manipulating the environment to your advantage. Experiment with different strategies to find the one that works best for you!

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