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On this page, you will find information about how to complete the “Whispers of the Mountains” quest in Skyrim: Bruma.

Starting point: The Synod Enclave

Quest giver: Cadius Venucius

Upon entering The Synod Enclave, you will witness a strange scene. Cadius will question you about the problems in the enclave. After clearing up the misunderstanding, speak with Cadius again and he will inform you of a quest he has for you. There are mysterious items of unknown origin in the building and he wants you to investigate.

First, speak with Roland Wickhart who can be found on the lower level of the building. He will offer some guesses and during the dialog, new items will appear. Inform Cadius that new items have appeared and he will ask you to search the enclave for suspicious items.

You must find three items:

  1. Mysterious Soul Gem – found near a bed in Roland’s quarters on the left from the main lobby
  2. Weathered Memoirs – found on the ground right next to the stairs leading down
  3. Mysterious Mage Boot – found on a rail next to the stairs leading to the basement

Once you have all three items, return them to Cadius. A new portal will then open and a Zombie will emerge. Defeat the enemy and you will receive a new task. This time, you must go to Frostcrag Spire and locate the cause of the anomalies.

Reaching the tower is quite difficult. Although the place is marked on the map, you will have to follow a long path to reach the top. Finally, you will reach your destination and meet Ravil Fandrani. Tell him why you are here and then use the circle on the ground to move to Frostcrag Spire Tower.

Upon reaching the top, you will meet Astor Astenius who is the source of the commotion. Speak with him and choose how you want to end everything:

The quest involves three different choices. In the first option, you can persuade or intimidate the mage to stop his experiments and inform Cadius about it to receive 400 gold and access to alchemy laboratory and magic catalyst. The second option requires you to inform Astor that you will tell the enclave about his experiments. You must then go to Cadius and provide evidence. He will ask you to destroy Frostcrag portals on the tower’s balcony, and you will receive 600 gold and access to alchemy laboratory and magic catalyst. The third option is to agree to help Astor. You must follow him and speak on the balcony, take the beacon and allow him to teleport you to Bruma. Then, you must place the boot in the middle of the main lobby at the enclave. Return to Astor and go through the portal to receive your reward from Cadius (400 gold) and Ravil Fandrani (Ayleid Dagger). After collecting your reward, the quest ends.


What are the “Whispers of the Mountains” quests in the game?

The “Whispers of the Mountains” quests are a series of missions in the game that involve exploring the mountainous regions and discovering the secrets hidden within them. These quests typically involve completing various tasks, such as gathering resources, defeating enemies, and solving puzzles. As players progress through these quests, they will uncover more information about the history and lore of the game world, as well as unlock new abilities and items that will aid them in their journey.

How do I start the “Whispers of the Mountains” quests?

To start the “Whispers of the Mountains” quests, players must first reach a certain level and complete a specific set of prerequisites. These prerequisites may include completing other quests, acquiring certain items or abilities, or exploring certain areas of the game world. Once these requirements have been met, players can speak to an NPC (non-playable character) in a designated area to begin the first quest in the series. From there, they can progress through the quests at their own pace, exploring the mountains and uncovering the secrets within.

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