Wyrm Hole

Unlocking Method: Speak with Judith.

Quest Giver: Judith (M13,9)

Mention the wyrm during the conversation

This mission will be available after speaking with Judith, who resides in the eastern part of Crestwood (M13,9), in her cottage, while completing The Naturalist side quest. During the discussion, bring up the wyrm topic, which will lead to the task of hunting it down.

Locate the cave entrance

Leave the cottage and head northwards. You need to find the cave entrance (M13,9a), which is to the northeast of Caer Bronach, near one of the astraries and a campsite.

Attack the monsters once you reach the den

Make your way across the entire cave to the den you are searching for (M13,9b). Eliminate all the wyrms here, but pay particular attention to the largest one. It is incredibly powerful, so if it quickly wipes out your party, return at a later time. After you have defeated all the monsters, examine the corpse of the biggest wyrm, which should yield a legendary staff (Fade-Knocker). You can now return to Judith.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (medium)
  • 80 Influence points
  • Schematic: Warden Scout Armor


What is a wyrm hole?

A wyrm hole, also known as a wormhole, is a hypothetical passage through space-time that could create a shortcut for long journeys across the universe. The concept of a wormhole was first introduced in 1916 by the physicist Ludwig Flamm, but it was popularized in science fiction. The idea is that two distant points in space-time could be connected through a tunnel-like structure, allowing faster travel than traditional methods. However, the existence of wormholes is purely theoretical and has not been observed or proven.

Can humans travel through a wyrm hole?

It is currently unknown if humans could travel through a wormhole, as the technology to create and stabilize one does not exist. However, even if a wormhole could be created, there are many potential dangers and risks associated with traversing through one. The intense gravitational forces near the entrance and exit of a wormhole could be lethal to humans, and the stability of the passage itself is uncertain. Additionally, the possibility of encountering unknown and dangerous phenomena on the other side of the wormhole cannot be ruled out.

Are there any visible signs of a wyrm hole?

There are currently no known visible signs of a wormhole, as they are purely theoretical constructs. However, scientists have theorized that the presence of a wormhole could potentially be detected through its gravitational effects on surrounding objects. The gravitational lensing caused by a wormhole could distort the light from stars and galaxies behind it, creating a unique signature that could be observed by telescopes. However, as of yet, no such signature has been observed.

What is the difference between a wyrm hole and a black hole?

A wyrm hole and a black hole are both objects with intense gravitational forces, but they differ in their properties and effects. A black hole is a region of space where gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape its pull. In contrast, a wormhole is a hypothetical passageway that connects two distant points in space-time. While a black hole is a one-way trip, a wormhole could potentially allow travel between two points. Additionally, black holes are formed by the collapse of massive stars, while wormholes are purely theoretical constructs and have not been observed in nature.

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