A Guide to LEGO Skywalker Saga for Beginners

This guide page for LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga contains essential tips for beginners. It covers various aspects of the game, including combat, collecting bricks, and unlocking characters.

  • Begin with Story Mode
  • Exploration is Limited
  • Use Stud Multipliers
  • Choose Free Play Mode for Replaying Levels
  • Complete Episodes in Any Order
  • Get Collectable Detector
  • Talk to Characters with Exclamation Marks
  • Switch Between Heroes
  • Look for Bouncing Blocks to Build Various Things

Begin with Story Mode

LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga has 45 story missions across nine episodes. It is recommended that beginners complete all story missions first before engaging in any optional activities. This is because:

  1. You can’t explore everything right away. This is explained further in the next section. Completing a stage in the story mode unlocks it in free play mode, where you can choose heroes according to the situation.
  2. Story missions unlock new playable characters and locations where specific classes or equipment are required. Initially, you may not have access to these heroes.
  3. Completing levels gradually reveals the entire galaxy map. Initially, you cannot travel freely around the planets and other locations on the world map. Unlock them by visiting these places for the first time in story missions.

Our walkthrough includes all the story mode missions. Boss fights from the main storyline have a separate chapter.

Exploration is Limited

As in other LEGO games, including Skywalker Saga, exploration is limited, and you cannot access all areas or secrets immediately. However, you can find collectibles, entrances to buildings, or other items on the map. You can return to them later after meeting their requirements. You can check the secret statistics and optional activities from a given location on the pause or map screen to see how much you need to get 100% completion.

Two things prevent you from fully exploring a location:

  1. If you can’t access a collectible or locked location, it means you need a hero of a certain class. If you don’t have the required class, you will need to purchase or unlock them through story missions.
  2. The Scavenger class has a problem where they can’t craft certain gadgets required for obstacles. Check out the FAQ page for more information on how to choose gadgets for the Scavenger class.

Use Stud Multipliers to Accumulate Billions of Studs

In LEGO Skywalker Saga, you can unlock stud multipliers to earn more studs. Try to unlock as many multipliers as possible to accumulate billions of studs. It’s recommended to avoid unnecessary purchases until you have at least the first 3 multipliers.

Collect datacards to get multipliers, but you only need to find a few of them. Once you have at least 1 datacard and enough studs, go to the Extras menu and purchase the multiplier. It’s recommended to unlock the x2, x4, and x6 multipliers as soon as possible, and get the others later. Multipliers can also help you get the True Jedi status in story missions.

For more information on collecting studs and using multipliers, check out the Studs – how to get more? page.

Always Choose Free Play Mode When Replaying Levels

Choose Free Play Mode if you want to replay a level with all unlocked characters. In Story Mode, you can only use the heroes related to the main storyline. Free Play Mode allows you to reach minikits and complete level challenges that are not possible in Story Mode, enabling you to complete a mission in 100%.

Choose Your Own Order of Completing Episodes

You have the freedom to choose in which order you complete the Episodes, but you must complete the episodes from a given trilogy (1-3, 4-6, 7-9) one after another. You must complete 5 story missions of a given Episode, but you don’t need to do its additional content.

Useful Tips for Playing LEGO Skywalker Saga

The order in which you play the Episodes in LEGO Skywalker Saga is not crucial. Each Episode offers the chance to unlock new characters and explore new locations on the galaxy map, which can later be visited in Free Play Mode. It’s worth noting, however, that Episodes from the first trilogy (Episodes 1-3) have simpler stages compared to later Episodes. For more information on how to select Episodes, see the Episodes chronology page – though it’s not mandatory to follow it.

Buy the Collectable Detector

With nearly 2,000 collectibles in the game, LEGO Skywalker Saga can be overwhelming. Upgrades from the Collectable Detector category can help you locate them, and can be purchased with Kyber Bricks and studs. The detector shows circles on the screen that lead you to secret locations where you can find minikits, Kyber Bricks, and Datacards. Keep in mind that the detector only marks the location of collectibles, so you’ll still need to solve puzzles or use the right characters to obtain them.

Talk to characters marked with exclamation marks

While exploring open locations between story missions, you may come across NPCs with exclamation mark icons. These characters can share rumors or offer side missions that can help you progress towards completing the game in 100%. Rumors can provide hints about the location of collectibles or how to obtain them, while side missions offer valuable rewards. Ignore the H1NT droids, as they serve only to remind you about certain mechanics and have no practical use.

Switch between heroes

In LEGO Skywalker Saga, you always explore new locations with at least two playable characters. In Free Play Mode, you have even more freedom to choose your hero. Switching between characters can be especially useful in single-player or co-op mode, as it allows you to access different abilities and solve puzzles more effectively.

  1. Utilize the unique skills of each hero – Although Character 1 may not possess the necessary skill, it may be accessible to Character 2.
  2. Collaborate on tasks – Some locations require joint efforts, such as pulling two levers simultaneously or standing on different pressure plates.
  3. Defeat distinct bosses – Certain boss fights may require you to switch characters to surprise the boss or utilize a specific hero’s attack.

In certain story stages, the gameplay gets even more intricate as you command two groups of heroes. You must switch between the groups from different parts of the map to allow Group A to assist in unlocking the path for Group B, for example.

Search for bouncing blocks – they can be utilized to construct various objects

In LEGO Skywalker Saga, it’s important not only to demolish all objects in the surroundings (collecting studs, unlocking new paths), but also to look for structures that can be built. The game flags all of these locations with bouncing blocks – simply hold down the build button when you approach them.

By doing this, you can build terminals that help solve puzzles or structures that can be climbed. It’s worth noting that sometimes you have to destroy something first to obtain brick pieces to build with. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t find them in a specific location right away. Try destroying other environmental elements first and then revisit the site.


1. What is LEGO Skywalker Saga?

LEGO Skywalker Saga is an upcoming action-adventure video game based on the Star Wars franchise. It is being developed by TT Games and will be published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game will cover all nine main Star Wars films, including The Rise of Skywalker.

2. When will LEGO Skywalker Saga be released?

The release date for LEGO Skywalker Saga has been pushed back a few times, but the current release date is set for Spring 2022. It will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

3. What is the gameplay like in LEGO Skywalker Saga?

LEGO Skywalker Saga will feature an open-world gameplay style, where players can freely explore the game’s environment. The game will also have a new combat system, which will allow players to use a variety of weapons and abilities. There will be over 300 playable characters in the game, each with their unique abilities and skills.

4. What are some tips for beginners playing LEGO Skywalker Saga?

One tip for beginners is to explore the game’s world thoroughly. There will be many hidden secrets and collectibles that can help players progress through the game. Another tip is to experiment with different characters and their abilities. Some characters will be better suited for certain tasks, so it’s essential to try them all out. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! LEGO Skywalker Saga is meant to be a fun and exciting game, so enjoy the experience.

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