Adding Dogmeat as a Companion

When playing Fallout 4, Dogmeat is the first companion you can add to your team. You will have the opportunity to find the dog at the beginning of the game after leaving Vault 111 and arriving at Sanctuary during the Out of Time main quest. Travel to the south-east from Sanctuary, and you will soon reach the Red Rocket Truck Stop as shown in the image above.

Find the dog and interact with it.

After arriving at the truck stop, you will notice a dog in the distance. Approach the dog, pet it, and allow it to follow you. Dogmeat will become your companion from that moment. You can provide the dog with simple commands, use it in combat, and order it to go on treasure hunts. You can send Dogmeat back to Sanctuary or any other settlement at any time.


1. How do I get Dogmeat as a companion in Fallout 4?

To get Dogmeat as a companion in Fallout 4, you need to head to the Red Rocket Truck Stop, which is located just south of Sanctuary. Once you arrive at the truck stop, you will hear a dog barking. Follow the sound until you find Dogmeat. When you approach him, he will become your companion. If he doesn’t immediately become your companion, try speaking to him a few times to get him to follow you.

2. Can I customize Dogmeat’s appearance?

No, you cannot customize Dogmeat’s appearance. He will always look the same, regardless of what armor or accessories you give him.

3. What are Dogmeat’s special abilities?

Dogmeat has a few special abilities that make him a valuable companion in Fallout 4. He has a keen sense of smell, which allows him to detect enemies and items from a distance. He can also hold enemies in place, giving you a chance to attack. Additionally, he can fetch items for you, making looting easier.

4. Can Dogmeat die?

Yes, Dogmeat can die in Fallout 4. If he is killed, you will need to find a new companion. However, if you have the “Ruff” perk, you can revive him once per day. To get this perk, you need to have a Charisma of at least 8 and complete a quest for the Vault-Tec Rep in Diamond City.

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