Autonavigation in Diablo Immortal: How to Use It

Discover how to use autonavigation in Diablo Immortal to move around the map without interaction from players. Additionally, we’ll provide solutions when it doesn’t work.

This page offers a brief overview of how autonavigation works in Diablo Immortal. You’ll learn about its benefits and when it’s available for use.

  • How to utilize autonavigation
  • What to do when autonavigation fails

How to utilize autonavigation

While playing the game, you may need to travel long distances between specific quest objectives or during free exploration. Once you open the map, select any waypoint and hit the Navigate button to start the journey. Your character will automatically follow the roads.

You can also move to any mission objective. Simply click on the objective’s description in the panel on the left. Moving your character in any direction will stop autonavigation. However, you can open the inventory or other menus. To stop autonavigation completely, uncheck the mission objective or remove the marker from the map.

What to do when autonavigation fails

If autonavigation isn’t working, check to see if it’s active by opening the options -> general and finding “autonavigation” at the bottom of the page.


What is autonavigation in Diablo Immortal?

Autonavigation is a feature in Diablo Immortal that allows players to automatically navigate to a specific location within the game world without needing to manually move their character. This feature is particularly useful for players who want to quickly travel to a specific location without wasting time on walking or manually controlling their character’s movements.

How does autonavigation work in Diablo Immortal?

To use autonavigation in Diablo Immortal, players simply need to select a location on the game map and then tap the autonavigation button. The player’s character will then automatically move towards the selected location, avoiding obstacles and enemies along the way. Players can also adjust the speed of their character’s movement during autonavigation, allowing them to travel faster or slower depending on their preference.

Are there any limitations to autonavigation in Diablo Immortal?

While autonavigation is a useful feature in Diablo Immortal, there are some limitations to its functionality. For example, players cannot use autonavigation while engaged in combat or while in certain areas of the game world that may not be accessible through normal means. Additionally, players must be careful when using autonavigation in areas with obstacles or enemies, as their character may take longer to reach the selected location or may even become stuck.

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