Build for a Versatile Soldier

Fallout 4 allows players to customize their characters in various ways. Players can distribute their statistic points, and choose from 70 different abilities every time they level up. However, for new players or those without a clear idea of how to develop their character, it can be overwhelming. This guide provides a basic and versatile character build that can be effective in most situations.

The recommended character build focuses on using and upgrading firearms, and only uses the V.A.T.S. system sparingly during battles. The character should have basic armor upgrades, and be able to pick medium-level locks and hack basic terminals. It is also important to invest in leadership-related skills and perks that allow players to manage settlements, which are a crucial aspect of Fallout 4.


Players have 21 points to distribute. The recommended statistics for this build are:















Recommended Perks

To create a versatile character, players should choose perks from different “trees.” Below are the top 8 recommended skills for this build. The order in which players select them is not critical, but they should consider distributing spare points to other abilities.


Rank 1: +10 damage resistance (Requirements: Endurance 1);

Rank 2: +20 damage resistance (Requirements: Level 9, Endurance 1);

Rank 3: +30 damage resistance (Requirements: Level 18, Endurance 1);

Rank 4: +40 damage resistance (Requirements: Level 31, Endurance 1);

Rank 5: +50 damage resistance (Requirements: Level 46, Endurance 1).


Rank 1: Access to base level and Rank 1 armor mods (Requirements: Strength 3);

Rank 2: Access to Rank 2 armor mods (Requirements: Level 13, Strength 3);

Rank 3: Access to Rank 3 armor mods (Requirements: Level 25, Strength 3);

Rank 4: Access to Rank 4 armor mods (Requirements: Level 39, Strength 3).


Rank 1: Ability to pick Advanced locks (Requirements: Perception 4);

Rank 2: Ability to pick Expert locks (Requirements: Level 7, Perception 4);

Rank 3: Ability to pick Master locks (Requirements: Level 18, Perception 4);

Rank 4: Bobby pins never break during lockpicking (Requirements: Level 41, Perception 4).


Rank 1: Stimpaks restore 40% of lost Health, and RadAway removes 40% of radiation (Requirements: Intelligence 2);

Rank 2: Stimpaks restore 60% of lost Health, and RadAway removes 60% of radiation (Requirements: Level 18, Intelligence 2);

Rank 3: Stimpaks can recover 80% of lost health and RadAway can eliminate 80% of radiation. (Prerequisites: Level 30, Intelligence 2);

Rank 4: Stimpaks and RadAway can completely restore lost health and radiation and work much faster. (Prerequisites: Level 49, Intelligence 2).

Gun Nut

Rank 1: You can access base level and Rank 1 gun mods. (Prerequisites: Intelligence 3);

Rank 2: You can access Rank 2 gun mods. (Prerequisites: Level 13, Intelligence 3);

Rank 3: You can access Rank 3 gun mods. (Prerequisites: Level 25, Intelligence 3);

Rank 4: You can access Rank 4 gun mods. (Prerequisites: Level 39, Intelligence 3).

Stead Aim

Rank 1: Firing any gun can improve hip-fire accuracy. (Prerequisites: Strength 7);

Rank 2: Hip-fire accuracy can be improved even more when firing any gun. (Prerequisites: Level 28, Strength 7).


Rank 1: Extensive combat training can increase automatic weapons damage by 20%. (Prerequisites: Agility 2);

Rank 2: Attacks with automatic weapons can increase damage by 40%, with improved hip-fire accuracy. (Prerequisites: Level 11, Agility 2);

Rank 3: Attacks with automatic weapons can increase damage by 60%. Hip-fire accuracy can be improved even more. (Prerequisites: Level 21, Agility 2);

Rank 4: Attacks with automatic weapons can increase damage by 80% and have a chance to stagger opponents. (Prerequisites: Level 35, Agility 2);

Rank 5: Automatic weapons can now deal double damage and have a greater chance to stagger opponents. (Prerequisites: Level 49, Agility 2).

Local Leader

Rank 1: Being the leader, you can establish supply lines between your workshop settlements. (Prerequisites: Charisma 6);

Rank 2: You can build stores and workstations at workshop settlements. (Prerequisites: Level 14, Charisma 6).


What is a Universal Soldier Build?

A Universal Soldier Build is a type of character build in video games that focuses on creating a versatile and well-rounded character. This type of build typically involves allocating skill points and choosing equipment that allows the character to excel in multiple areas, such as offense, defense, and support. The goal is to create a character that can handle a variety of challenges and situations without being too specialized in any one area.

What are the benefits of a Universal Soldier Build?

The main benefit of a Universal Soldier Build is flexibility. By creating a character that can handle a variety of challenges, players can adapt to changing situations and overcome obstacles more easily. This can be especially useful in games with open worlds or non-linear progression, where the player may encounter unexpected challenges or enemies. Additionally, a Universal Soldier Build can be a good choice for players who prefer to play solo, as it allows them to handle a wider range of challenges without relying on other players or NPCs.

What are some key attributes of a Universal Soldier Build?

Some key attributes of a Universal Soldier Build include high mobility, strong offensive capabilities, and solid defensive skills. The character should be able to move quickly and easily to avoid attacks and reposition as needed. They should also be able to deal damage quickly and effectively, whether through ranged or melee attacks. Finally, the character should have good defensive skills, such as high health or armor, and be able to withstand attacks from multiple enemies.

What are some examples of games where a Universal Soldier Build is effective?

Games where a Universal Soldier Build is effective include action RPGs like Diablo III, first-person shooters like Borderlands, and open-world games like Skyrim. In Diablo III, for example, a Universal Soldier Build might involve allocating skill points to both offensive and defensive abilities, and choosing equipment that provides a balance of damage and survivability. In Borderlands, a Universal Soldier Build might focus on weapons that deal both high damage and have a wide range of effects, such as explosive or corrosive damage. In Skyrim, a Universal Soldier Build might involve mastering multiple combat styles, such as archery and sword fighting, and investing in both offensive and defensive magic spells.

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