Cabot House

Accessing Cabot House

Initially, the locked door of Cabot House makes it unapproachable. However, you may enter the house after conversing with Edward Deegan in Bunker Hill, who will ask you to complete the Cabots Special Delivery quest.

Alternatively, you may use the intercom and select the “bottom” dialogue option – Let me In. Although the person on the other side will lose their temper, they will let you in. Until you complete all three quests given by Jack Cabot, the top floors of the building remain inaccessible. The items in the house replenish frequently.

The basement of Cabot House houses a Fat Man and a mininuke,

Zeta Gun

Jack’s lab contains a pistol Zeta Gun on the table,

An issue of Massachusetts Surgical Journal can be found in the bedroom at the top floor (which is inaccessible at first).


What is Cabot House?

Cabot House is one of the 12 undergraduate residential Houses at Harvard University. It was founded in 1970 and named after the explorer and navigator John Cabot. The House is located on the north side of Harvard Yard and is home to approximately 350 students, who live in one of the House’s six buildings. Cabot House is known for its friendly atmosphere, diverse student body, and strong sense of community. The House also has a number of special programs and traditions, including the annual Cabot House Formal and the Cabot CafГ©, a student-run coffee shop.

How can I become a member of Cabot House?

To become a member of Cabot House, you must first be accepted to Harvard University as an undergraduate student. Once you have been admitted, you will be randomly assigned to one of the 12 residential Houses, including Cabot House. Students can also apply to transfer to a different House after their freshman year. Cabot House has a unique House system, which allows students to develop close relationships with their Housemates and participate in House-specific activities and events.

What are some of the benefits of living in Cabot House?

There are many benefits to living in Cabot House, including access to a supportive community of students and staff, opportunities to participate in House-specific activities and events, and the chance to develop leadership skills through House governance and programming. Cabot House also offers a number of special programs and resources, such as the Cabot House Writing Center, which provides free writing tutoring to students, and the Cabot House Art Room, which offers art supplies and studio space for students to use. Additionally, Cabot House has a strong tradition of House spirit and pride, which creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students.

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