Cambridge Polymer Labs (Cambridge Polymer Labs)

How to Start: The quest begins once the Molly robot seals the decontamination chamber in Cambridge Polymer Labs M5,3.


  • Complete the research project
  • Find another way to escape the laboratory (Optional)

Complete the research project

To start this quest, you must enter the Cambridge Polymer Labs. Once inside, you will meet Molly [1], a robot who will ask if you want to work for her company. Agree to work for her and the position you get will depend on your Charisma level. You will either become a regular assistant or a representative. Head into the room on the left [2], sit in the chair, and listen to the company’s history. Unfortunately, the projector is not working, so you will not be able to see any visuals.

After listening to Molly, follow her instructions and enter the decontamination chamber [3]. As soon as you do, she will ask you to conduct an experiment. You must complete it before she will let you leave the building.

You only require two containers to complete the experiment, but it is recommended that you collect them all to avoid confusion.

Head to the main hall [4] and defeat all the ghouls. You will need to collect all of the necessary materials for the experiment. Collect sample 413 from room C4 [6]. Go deeper into room C5 and collect sample 65. While in the room, use the terminal to open the door to the reactor chamber [7].

Next, go to the bottom-left corner of the facility [8] and collect sample 3111.

Your next step is to go to room C1 [5] on the upper level. Collect sample 49 from the desk. In the corner of the room, there is a venting shaft. Follow the shaft to get to room C3 [6], which is locked with a Master lock by default.

From room C3 [6], take sample 611. Use the terminal to unlock the door and exit.

Try to spend as little time here as possible, as it is highly irradiated.

Now head to the reactor chamber [7]. The door should already be open, as you used the terminal in room C4 [6]. Defeat the irradiated ghoul and collect the U-238 isotope from the shelf on the other side of the water reservoir.

Finally, head to room C2 [5] to collect sample 11317.

Place the samples in the slots on the left, place the isotope on the right, and start the procedure using the computer in the middle.

You now have all the materials you need. While still in the room, use the device in front of you. There are two slots for samples on the left. Place the first two unidentified containers in them. Click on the computer and select the option to identify the samples. After exiting the computer, retrieve the samples and place the other two containers there. Repeat the process until all samples are identified.

With all the samples identified, place Lithium Hydride and Gold in the slots on the left. Place the U-238 isotope in the slot on the right. Click on the computer again and start the machine (the last available item).

You notice a gear on the conveyor belt in front of you and it quickly appears in the window to your right. Collect it as it’s a valuable power armor component.

You must speak with Molly through the glass.

Head to the decontamination chamber [3] and speak to Molly. Follow the robot to the upper level, to the office of the head manager (which is locked with a master lock by default). Unfortunately, the head manager has turned into a ghoul and must be defeated. Collect valuable items from the room to complete the quest.

Discover an Alternative Exit from the Laboratory

If you prefer not to follow Molly’s instructions, you can find another way out, which is much simpler but doesn’t offer a reward.

While in the main hall of the building [4], go upstairs to room C1 [5]. From there, follow the venting shaft to room [6]. Approach Bergman’s terminal and use it to manage security systems and initiate. All turrets and robots in the building will become hostile to you, but the door to the decontamination chamber will open. Complete the quest and exit the building.

Reward for completing the quest: experience, prototypical power armor element, loot from the manager’s office.


1. What is Cambridge Polymer Labs?

Cambridge Polymer Labs is a location in the video game Fallout 4. It is a research facility that specializes in polymer research and development. The facility is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

2. What can players expect to find in Cambridge Polymer Labs?

Players can expect to find a variety of items in Cambridge Polymer Labs, including research notes, holotapes, and unique items related to polymer research. The facility also includes a laboratory area where players can conduct experiments to create new polymers.

3. Are there any quests associated with Cambridge Polymer Labs?

Yes, there is a quest called “Cambridge Polymer Labs” that takes place in the facility. In this quest, players are tasked with finding a missing scientist and completing a series of experiments to create a new type of polymer. The quest is part of the main storyline of the game.

4. Can players return to Cambridge Polymer Labs after completing the quest?

Yes, players can return to Cambridge Polymer Labs after completing the quest. The facility will remain accessible and players can continue to explore and conduct experiments. However, there are no additional quests associated with the location after the completion of the “Cambridge Polymer Labs” quest.

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