Challenges and Collectibles in Croft Manor in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

During one of the missions in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, players will be taken to Croft Manor as part of a flashback stage where they control a young Lara Croft. It’s important to note that once this stage is completed, players cannot return to the Croft property. There is one challenge and one collectible to find in this location – the Mystery of the White Queen.

Bullseye Challenge

The Bullseye challenge requires players to throw a ball at four different targets on the playground. Balls are scattered throughout the property, so if one gets stuck somewhere, players do not need to worry.

The first three targets are located behind young Lara when she appears. Two of them are on the ground and one hangs from a tree branch. For the ground targets, players can approach as closely as possible and make a light throw, ensuring a hit.

The final target is to the left of the previous three, hanging from a tree branch. Once a ball has been thrown at all four targets, the challenge is complete.


What are the challenges in Croft Manor in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Croft Manor is the hub area where Lara can practice her skills and explore the environment. There are several challenges in Croft Manor that players can complete to unlock rewards. One of the challenges is called “Family Photographs,” where players must find and photograph five family photos hidden around the manor. Another challenge is “Whack-a-Rat,” where players must hit rats with a slingshot while avoiding hitting chickens. “Zip Line” is another challenge, where players must ride a zip line from the roof of the manor to the ground without touching anything. Lastly, “White Queen” is a puzzle challenge where players must solve a puzzle involving chess pieces to unlock a secret room. Completing these challenges will reward players with outfits, weapons, and other items.

What are the secrets in Croft Manor in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

In addition to challenges, there are also secrets to discover in Croft Manor. One of the secrets is a hidden room behind a bookshelf in the main hall. Another secret is a hidden passage behind a painting in the study. Players can also find a secret area in the basement that contains a mini-game called “Croft Racing,” where players can race remote-controlled cars. Additionally, there are several hidden collectibles, such as documents and artifacts, scattered throughout the manor. These secrets add to the overall experience of exploring Croft Manor and provide players with additional rewards for their efforts.

Are the challenges and secrets in Croft Manor required to complete the game?

No, the challenges and secrets in Croft Manor are optional and not required to complete the main story of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. However, completing these challenges and discovering secrets will reward players with additional items and add to the overall experience of the game. Additionally, exploring Croft Manor can provide players with an opportunity to practice their skills and become more familiar with the game’s mechanics before venturing out into the larger world.

Can players revisit Croft Manor after completing the challenges and secrets?

Yes, players can revisit Croft Manor at any time after completing the challenges and secrets. Croft Manor serves as a hub area throughout the game, and players can return to it to practice their skills, access their inventory, and explore the environment. Additionally, some of the challenges in Croft Manor can be replayed for additional rewards, providing players with even more incentive to revisit the area.

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