Chance Encounters

One of the many additional features in the game world are the chance encounters. These can occur in various locations and take on different forms. Each time they happen, you have the choice to participate in battles, converse with characters, or evade strong enemies. The following are some of the most significant chance encounters in the game:

Important Note: Some chance encounters can only occur when specific quests are completed, while others can unlock new missions. These are mentioned in the walkthroughs for journal quests under the “Unlocked quests” and “Epilogue” sections.

Attacking Civilians

When you reach a settlement or village, you may come across residents being attacked by raiders, wild dogs, or monsters. You can either let the civilians be killed or defeat the aggressors. If you choose the latter, you may receive gratitude, bottlecaps, or even unlock new settlements to improve.

Elite Enemies

Elite enemies include behemoths, deathclaws (regular or matriarch), and mirelurk queens. These enemies are extremely difficult to defeat, even with the help of other characters. It is recommended that you only fight them later in the game when you have higher experience levels and better weapons. You may also encounter stronger versions of regular enemies, such as raider or super mutant leaders. In these cases, make sure that defeating them won’t be too difficult for your current character level.


You may encounter a traveling doctor who can heal your character and remove radiation effects. However, the service is not free.

Small Camp

You may stumble upon small camps in random parts of the wasteland. Depending on the event, the camp can be empty, inhabited by raiders, or by friendly characters. It may also be occupied by monsters like ghouls or wild dogs. These camps often contain a chest with valuable items (plundering the chest in the presence of neutral NPCs is considered theft). It is important to note that some camps may contain traps or have nearby thugs looking for easy prey, so be prepared to fight or heal your character.

Dead Postman

You may find the body of a murdered postman and obtain a letter he was supposed to deliver. Reading these letters may lead you to discover new locations on the world map.

Traveling Merchant

You may encounter a merchant traveling alone, accompanied by a brahmin, or with security. These characters are usually friendly and you can trade with them or listen to their stories about their journey (which may lead you to new locations in the game world). Alternatively, you can try to steal from or kill them. However, if your character is not well-developed, aggressive actions may prove to be more difficult than expected.

One of the merchants you might come across in the game is Gene, and if you use Charisma during your encounter with him, you can spend 250 bottlecaps on a dog that will become your companion. This dog will be independent from any other dog you may have. Another merchant you might meet is Larry, and if you have developed your ammunition stack in one of the settlements, you can invite him to live there.

You may encounter raiders near bridges or other narrow passages who will demand payment from you. There are several ways to handle this situation, including finding an alternate route, killing the bandits, using Charisma to negotiate a lower payment, or even walking through for free.

Sometimes you may come across a person asking for help with basic necessities like water, food, or RadAway. Helping them will not always result in a reward.

You may also stumble upon a minefield, which can either make it harder to pass or block access to treasure. Certain mines can be disarmed or blown up from a safe distance.

Robots can be found traveling through the game world, typically focused on completing programmed activities like broadcasting commercials. However, some may attack you if you don’t obey their commands, such as adhering to a curfew.

An enemy sniper may be waiting to take you out. You can either eliminate them from a distance using your own sniper rifle or flank them using cover to get rid of them up close.

You may witness a wrangle between two characters, one of whom is accused of being a synth. You can choose how to react to the situation, either allowing the synth to be murdered, standing in their defense, or using Charisma to resolve the situation peacefully.

Searching a corpse on the road may lead to finding a valuable weapon, chemicals, rare upgrades, or notes with information about a treasure or a randomly selected location of one of the vaults. However, exploring these locations comes with a risk of encountering heavily guarded raiders or monsters.

You may encounter a group of supermutants returning to their fortress. Once you eliminate them, you can search their corpses for a note containing information about the location of their fortress. You can choose to ignore the information or clear out the fortress of monsters.

Finally, the Brotherhood of Steel’s Vertibirds will appear in the game world once their Prydwen airship reaches the Commonwealth. They can attack members of other factions, bandits, or supermutants. If you are an enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel, you may be targeted by a Vertibird and will need to respond with firepower or find cover.

Clashes between major factions

One can observe battles between members of the Minutemen, Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, or Institute factions. It is advisable to assist a friendly group. However, if you eliminate all the members of a faction, you may become their enemy.

Confrontations with enemy groups and/or monsters

Encounters with various groups of raiders or monsters can lead to battles. It’s best to assess the enemies’ strength from a distance before joining the fight. In some cases, waiting for them to eliminate each other is the best course of action.

Companion-related events

Players may encounter individuals or groups who know their current party member. It may lead to a friendly interaction, such as meeting Hancock’s old friend, or an enemy confrontation, such as encountering individuals Piper wrote negatively about or thugs who Cait owes money to.

Supermutant Hostages

Players may come across a group of supermutants traveling with captive hostages. By defeating the supermutants, the player can rescue the hostages. The freed individual may express gratitude or provide additional rewards such as bottlecaps.


1. What are random events?

Random events are events that occur without any apparent cause or pattern. They are unpredictable and can happen at any time. Examples of random events include natural disasters, accidents, and unexpected financial gains or losses.

2. Can random events be controlled?

No, random events cannot be controlled. They are a part of life and can happen to anyone at any time. However, we can take steps to minimize the impact of random events by being prepared and having a plan in place.

3. Are random events always negative?

No, random events can be either positive or negative. For example, winning the lottery or getting a promotion at work are positive random events, whereas being involved in a car accident or losing a job are negative random events.

4. How can we cope with the stress of random events?

Dealing with the stress of random events can be difficult, but there are ways to cope. One way is to focus on what you can control and take practical steps to address the situation. Another way is to seek support from friends, family, or a professional counselor. It’s also important to take care of yourself by getting enough rest, eating well, and engaging in activities that bring you joy.

5. Can random events have a positive impact on our lives?

Yes, random events can have a positive impact on our lives by providing opportunities for growth and change. For example, losing a job may initially be a negative event, but it can also lead to new career opportunities or the chance to pursue a passion. It’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to adapt to change.

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