Chapter 12 Walkthrough for A2 in Route C and D in NieR Automata

This page contains a detailed walkthrough of Chapter 12 in NieR Automata, where you will control A2 for the first time in Route C and D. You’ll learn how to use A2’s unique skills, defeat the Goliaths in the Desert Zone, defeat the Hegel boss and complete the sequence in A2’s memory bank.

  • Key information about Android A2
  • Attacking machines in the Desert Zone
  • Boss fight against Hegel
  • Completing the sequence in A2’s memory
  • Selecting the next chapter

Key information about Android A2

  1. A2 is the third playable character in NieR Automata. In Route A and Route B, she appears only as a boss. You can play as A2 for the first time after completing Chapter 11 and selecting the option “Support A2.” Alternatively, you can first play the new chapters related to 9S. However, you cannot skip the stages linked with A2.
  2. A2 can use two varieties of melee weapons simultaneously, just like 2B. The weapons used by 2B will be assigned by default. You can also use the same Pods.
  3. A2 starts with the same level and equipment that you had at the end of the previous chapter. This allows you to play and fight right away without having to upgrade your character. You can also use all chips and manage or use items in the inventory without any restrictions.
  4. A2’s unique skill is Berserk Mode, which you will learn about during the boss fight with Hegel. It allows you to deal much more damage, but at a cost of health points. For more information and tips on how to use this ability effectively, please see the page “Berserker mode – how to use?”
  5. Several new side quests are available for A2, which are described in a separate chapter called “Side quests.” It is best to do them as you go.

Attacking machines in the Desert Zone

After A2 wakes up, listen to the conversation with the Pod. You will receive the first mission objective shortly after gaining control over A2. The machines are located in the Desert Zone, specifically in its largest part – choose the Desert: center Access Point as your fast travel destination.

You have to eliminate several Goliaths. By default, try to attack these machines one at a time, but also jump away from your current opponent if you see an incoming group of missiles. After you deal with the Goliaths, the boss will appear.

Boss fight against Hegel

The boss fight can be quite problematic and annoying because his attacks can happen quickly one after another and prevent you from performing attacks of your own. If you get hit by a stream of energy, always try to get away from it first, so that you don’t get hit by more attacks.

The boss starts off by bombing the desert with regular missiles, so it’s recommended to lock the camera on Hegel and use long-distance attacks, including the offensive Pod programs. Hegel will occasionally disintegrate into single spheres that land in different places on the sand. These spheres can shoot large beams of energy that can cause heavy damage and knock A2 off balance, leaving her open to further attacks. Jumping to the sides repeatedly can help avoid the beams. Attacking the spheres with melee weapons is recommended to quickly deplete their energy points. After some time, the Pod will inform you about the Berserk Mode, which can be activated by pressing both analog sticks (L3 R3) to inflict more damage for a certain time. However, using this mode will cost health points, so it’s important to protect yourself with appropriate chips. Attacked spheres will surround themselves with a protective shield after some time, so it’s best to finish attacking a given sphere and move on to another unguarded sphere. The fight may take a few minutes due to the boss’s high resistance. After defeating the boss, you’ll enter virtual reality and play standard hacking mini-games to reach the next section. You can choose to support A2 to move on to Chapter 14 or support 9S (if you haven’t played as him yet after Chapter 11) to move on to Chapter 13.


1. What is NieR Automata: Chapter 12, A2 – Route C, D?

NieR Automata is a popular action role-playing video game. Chapter 12 is a crucial part of the game that requires players to navigate the character of A2 through different routes C and D. This chapter is a significant turning point in the game, and players need to master the different skills and tactics required to progress further. The walkthrough for this chapter is an essential guide that helps players understand the different challenges and obstacles they will face and how to overcome them.

2. What are some tips for completing NieR Automata: Chapter 12, A2 – Route C, D?

Completing Chapter 12 in NieR Automata requires a lot of skill, patience, and strategy. Here are some tips that can help you successfully navigate the different routes C and D:

  • Upgrade your weapons and equipment to increase your attack and defense.
  • Use the dodge function effectively to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Learn to parry effectively to counter enemy attacks and deal damage.
  • Use the Pod’s abilities to your advantage, such as firing missiles or using the scanner to detect hidden enemies.
  • Explore the different routes thoroughly to find hidden items and shortcuts.

3. What are some of the challenges that players face in NieR Automata: Chapter 12, A2 – Route C, D?

Chapter 12 of NieR Automata is a challenging part of the game that requires players to overcome various obstacles and enemies. Some of the challenges that players face include:

  • Fighting multiple enemies simultaneously, including giant robots and other machines.
  • Navigating through different routes and environments that are full of traps and obstacles.
  • Battling powerful bosses that require a lot of skill and strategy to defeat.
  • Dealing with limited resources, such as health and ammunition.
  • Learning how to effectively use the different skills and tactics required to progress further.

4. Why is the walkthrough for NieR Automata: Chapter 12, A2 – Route C, D important?

The walkthrough for Chapter 12 in NieR Automata is essential for players who want to progress further in the game and complete it successfully. This guide provides players with valuable tips and strategies for navigating the different routes C and D, overcoming obstacles and enemies, and defeating the challenging bosses. The walkthrough also helps players understand the storyline better and discover hidden items and secrets that they may have missed otherwise. Overall, the walkthrough is a valuable resource that can help players improve their gameplay and enjoy NieR Automata to the fullest.

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