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Cait, a female warrior, earns her living by participating in cage fights. Her life changes after meeting the main hero.

Where to find: Combat Zone in the central part of Boston. Once there, defeat a group of bandits and enter the building. After eliminating all enemies, enter the big cage and talk to Tommy. He will offer Cait as your companion.

Possible romance: Yes

Unique skill: Faster action points regeneration when your health drops below 1/4 of the basic value.

Advantages and weaknesses: Good in combat, resistant due to drugs intake, can unlock the hardest locks. However, she may not like righteous decisions which can affect your relationship.



Codsworth is a robot who belonged to the protagonist’s family before the apocalypse. He is one of the first companions you can add to your team.

Where to find: Sanctuary, the first place you visit after leaving Vault 111.

Possible romance: No

Unique skill: Increased resistance to attacks of other robots.

Advantages and weaknesses: Can help in battles but might be too weak to face later opponents. No need to worry about relationship.



Curie is a robot who can become your optional companion. You can find her after gaining access to Vault 81 and completing main quests in that location. The robot has a “female gender” and a French accent.

Where to find: Vault 81 during the Hole in the Wall quest. She will come with you after giving you the medicament needed to complete the quest.

Possible romance: Yes

Unique skill: Unlimited number of Stimpaks given to the player on demand (dialogue), healing whenever health drops below 10%.

Advantages and weaknesses of companions:


One advantage of having Curie as a companion is that you don’t have to worry about your relationship with her. However, she is very vulnerable to damage and her attack strength is weak. It’s important to protect her during battles so that she can serve for as long as possible and heal you before the next wave of enemies.


Deacon is a companion associated with the Railroad faction. He is a charismatic and cheerful character, and is also skilled in battle. He uses various weapons of his own choosing and picks useful items from fallen enemies. He is also adaptable, changing his clothes to blend in with his surroundings.


You can find Deacon in the Railroad HQ after completing The Road to Freedom and Tradecraft quests and joining the gang.


No romance is possible with Deacon.

Unique skill:

Deacon’s special skill allows you to move +20% quieter and makes the Stealth Boys work 20% longer.

Advantages and weaknesses:

Deacon uses an institute pistol by default, but can use any weapon from his equipment. He often changes his weapons on his own. Completing Faction quests, lockpicking, hacking terminals, and choosing good and/or funny dialogue lines will gain his support. He is also satisfied when you thoroughly ask about quest details and complete side quests.


Dogmeat is a German shepherd and one of the first companions you can have. He can be found at the Red Rocket Truck Stop, not far southeast from the Sanctuary where you start the game.


Dogmeat can be found at the Red Rocket Truck Stop and will come to you on his own once you arrive.

Unique skill:

After biting enemies, Dogmeat can hold them, allowing you to attack them. On higher levels, this perk might also cause a bleeding effect.

Advantages and weaknesses:

Dogmeat’s unique ability is searching the surroundings for treasures. He is a faithful companion and will never leave you. He can help you in battles and hold enemies after biting them. However, you cannot equip him with new items, so he loses his combat usefulness later in the game.

John Hancock

John Hancock is a ghoul dressed as a ship captain who rules the Goodneighbor. He considers himself weird and can provide medicaments/drugs during small talks while traveling with him.

The companion can be found in Goodneighbor and will join you after completing The Big Dig quest for Bobbi. However, completing the quest is not enough. At the end, you must pick Fahrenheit’s side. It doesn’t matter whether you kill or convince Bobbi to leave.

There is a possibility for romance.

The companion’s unique skill is Isodoped. By obtaining maximum relation level with this companion, you will receive a permanent perk that increases the speed of critical bar’s loading (while using VATS) by 20% when you have 250 or more rads.

The companion’s advantages include having a good nature and approving of the use of drugs. However, they won’t tolerate stealing, hurting the innocent, or greediness. The companion’s default weapon is a shotgun, but they can use other firearms as well. Later in the game, their parameters might not be high enough.

Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine is a synth detective from Diamond City. You can meet him while completing the main story.

You can find Nick Valentine by completing the quest An Unlikely Valentine. After you rescue him from Vault 114, you can meet him in his agency in the Diamond City Market and keep working with him. Valentine will keep you company in the main quest Long Time Coming. He will become a companion in the final part of the mission, so you will be able to travel the world with him.

There is no possibility for romance.

While traveling alongside Valentine, you will receive an additional chance while hacking terminals. Their cooldown time after several failed attempts is reduced by half.

Valentine is mediocre at combat, but he can help you unlock terminals, even ones with higher security. This is a major improvement if your character is not good at hacking.

Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel, one of the four main factions in the game. He is one of the first members of this faction you will meet.

You can find Paladin Danse in Cambridge Police Station in the central part of the world map. Once you reach the destination, you must help Danse get rid of ghouls during the Fire Support quest. After winning the battle, talk with the paladin and tell him that you want to start cooperating with the Brotherhood of Steel. You must complete quests for this faction until you complete the Tour of Duty quest. After that, it will become possible to invite Danse to travel with you.

There is a possibility for romance.

Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse

Paladin Danse is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel and a skilled fighter. He can become your companion after completing a quest for the Brotherhood.

Location where you find the companion: You meet Paladin Danse during the Brotherhood of Steel quest line. He can be found on the Prydwen airship, which can be seen flying above the Commonwealth. Once you complete his quest, he will join you as a companion.

Possible romance: no

Companion’s unique skill: When traveling with Paladin Danse, you deal 20% more damage to ghouls, synths, and supermutants.

Companion’s advantages and weaknesses: Paladin Danse is a powerful fighter and comes equipped with power armor and a strong laser weapon. He also provides a damage bonus against certain enemy types. However, he is loyal to the Brotherhood of Steel and may not approve of actions that go against their beliefs. This can cause him to leave your party if your actions negatively impact your relationship with the faction.



Piper is a journalist from Diamond City who takes an interest in the main character’s story. She can join your party early on in the game.

Location where you find the companion: You first meet Piper at the entrance to Diamond City, which is visited during a main quest. You can find her inside the Publick Occurrences building, where she asks you to complete a quest for her. Once you finish the quest, she can join you as a companion.

Possible romance: yes

Companion’s unique skill: Traveling with Piper doubles the amount of experience gained when discovering new locations or using unique dialogue options.

Companion’s advantages and weaknesses: Piper’s unique skill can be useful early on in the game when you’re still exploring the world. She is also a decent fighter, but her default weapon may not be effective against stronger enemies.

Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey is the leader of the Minutemen faction and can become your companion after completing a quest for the faction.

Location where you find the companion: You first meet Preston Garvey at the Museum of Freedom in Concord during the main quest “Out of Time.” After completing some tasks for the Minutemen, he can be found at Sanctuary and will join you as a companion.

Possible romance: yes

Companion’s unique skill: When traveling with Preston, the main character deals more damage and has increased damage resistance in battles with at least three opponents.

Companion’s advantages and weaknesses: Preston is equipped with a strong laser weapon and can be helpful in battles, especially with his unique skill. However, his loyalty is tied to the Minutemen faction, so actions that negatively affect the faction can cause him to leave your party.

Robert Joseph MacCready


MacCready used to work as a mercenary, which makes him feel guilty. You will learn about this while completing the Long Road Ahead side quest that he gives you after gaining his trust.

Location: You can find MacCready in the Third Rail bar in Goodneighbor. After talking to two mercenaries, you can ask him to join you for 250 bottlecaps (200 if you haggle).

Romance: Yes

Unique skill: If you improve your relationship with MacCready, you will gain a perk that lets you perform 20% more accurate headshots while using VATS.

Advantages and weaknesses: MacCready likes it when you act like a mercenary, such as asking for a reward and stealing. It is easy to befriend him. However, he doesn’t like it when you hurt innocent people or try to negotiate a higher price. He can pick up ammunition and give it to you during conversations.



Strong is a supermutant who hates his kind and will join you after you free him. He isn’t very intelligent, but his comments can be amusing. However, he is one of the more difficult companions to build a relationship with. Strong doesn’t like collecting things, but he may give you meat during conversations.

Location: You can find Strong in Trinity Tower, the center of Boston. When you pick up a radio signal in the tower, follow it to the highest floor during the quest Curtain Call. After completing the quest, Strong will become your companion.

Romance: No

Unique skill: Once you reach maximum friendship with Strong, you will gain the Berserk perk, which increases your melee damage by 20% when your health drops below 25%.

Advantages and weaknesses: Strong doesn’t like it when you pick locks or hack terminals, but he enjoys stealing and helping people. He prefers violent solutions and dislikes negotiation with Charisma and using power armor. He is skilled in bare-handed combat and can wear supermutant equipment.



X6-88 is a synth courser found in the Institute’s secret quarter. He is likely to be the last companion you add to your team.

To find the companion X6-88, players must first reach the Institute quarters located beneath the C.I.T. Ruins. This location is unlocked during the Institutionalized quest, which requires players to agree to cooperate with the Institute. Initially, X6-88 joins players only for the duration of the Synth Retention quest, but after completing it, they can recruit him as a full-time companion.

X6-88’s unique skill is increasing resistance to energetic damage by 20 points while traveling with him. He is especially useful when facing enemies who use energy weapons. However, his weakness is that he may view actions such as helping others as wrong.

There is no possibility for romance with X6-88.


What is a companion?

A companion is a person or animal that accompanies and spends time with another person or animal. In the context of TV shows, books, and movies, a companion is a character who travels with the main protagonist and provides support, advice, and assistance throughout their journey.

Who are some famous companions in pop culture?

There are many famous companions in pop culture, including:

  • Samwise Gamgee, who accompanies Frodo Baggins in “The Lord of the Rings”
  • Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who accompany Harry Potter in the “Harry Potter” series
  • Donna Noble, who travels with the Doctor in “Doctor Who”
  • Toto, who accompanies Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”

What makes a good companion?

A good companion is someone who is loyal, supportive, and helpful to the main character. They should be able to provide advice, assistance, and comfort when needed, but also be willing to challenge the main character when necessary. A good companion should also have their own unique personality and backstory, and not simply exist as a plot device or sidekick. Additionally, a good companion should be able to grow and change over the course of the story, and not simply remain static throughout.

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