Connecting to Ubisoft Connect and Earning Rewards in Far Cry 6

This guide for Far Cry 6 will help you learn how to connect to Ubisoft Connect and earn rewards by completing challenges.

Within this guide, you will find information on how to connect to Ubisoft Connect and use Ubisoft Rewards. You will also learn how to obtain various rewards by completing challenges.

  • Logging in to your Ubisoft account
  • Opening Ubisoft Connect within the game
  • Earning and Collecting Ubisoft Rewards

Logging in to your Ubisoft account

Ubisoft Connect is a service used by many Ubisoft games, including Far Cry 6. It allows players to log into the game’s servers and purchase a PC copy of the game. If you do not log in, you will have to play offline.

To log into your Ubisoft Connect account, you can either do so from the game’s main menu or by visiting the website If this is your first Ubisoft game, you will need to create a new account. If you have played other Ubisoft games on the same device that also support Ubisoft Connect, you may be automatically logged in.

Opening Ubisoft Connect within the game

You can access Ubisoft Connect without closing the game by going to the System tab in the pause menu and selecting the appropriate button.

Earning and Collecting Ubisoft Rewards

From the Rewards tab, you can choose from three types of rewards: those that require Units (U), which are earned by completing in-game achievements; free rewards that can be assigned to the game; and rewards with special conditions, such as owning a specific game edition or watching a Twitch stream.

Rewards can include weapon skins, crafting materials, ride ornaments, Yaran pesos (the game’s currency), and themed sets related to cockfighting.

The Challenges tab allows you to view available challenges, which come in two forms: Core challenges that are available from the start of the game, and Time-Limited Challenges that must be completed within a certain period of time. Completing challenges earns Units, experience points, Moneda currency, and spray cans.

After obtaining a paid or free reward, you must find it in the game’s corresponding menu. For example, the Chorizo miniature shown above can be found in the ride decoration menu on the dashboard.


1. What is Ubisoft Connect and how does it relate to Far Cry 6?

Ubisoft Connect is a digital distribution platform and social network created by Ubisoft, the company behind Far Cry 6. It allows players to purchase and download games, track their progress, and connect with friends. In relation to Far Cry 6, Ubisoft Connect will be the platform where players can access the game and its rewards.

2. What are Ubisoft Rewards and how can I earn them in Far Cry 6?

Ubisoft Rewards are points that players can earn by completing certain tasks in Ubisoft games, including Far Cry 6. These tasks may include completing missions, finding collectibles, or reaching certain milestones. Players can then redeem their points for in-game items, such as weapons or skins.

3. Can I access Ubisoft Rewards without using Ubisoft Connect?

No, Ubisoft Rewards are only available through Ubisoft Connect. Players must log in to their Ubisoft Connect account and play Far Cry 6 through the platform in order to earn and redeem rewards.

4. Are there any exclusive rewards available for Far Cry 6 players?

Yes, Ubisoft often offers exclusive rewards for players who pre-order or purchase certain editions of their games. For Far Cry 6, players who pre-order the game will receive the Libertad Pack, which includes in-game items such as a weapon and vehicle skin. Additionally, players who purchase the Gold or Ultimate editions of the game will receive additional bonuses, such as early access to DLC content.

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