Creating Power Armor


In order to upgrade or build Power Armor, you will need a frame and a Power Armor station. To begin the modification process, wear the Power Armor, approach the station, and press the action button. Your character will step out of the armor. After moving the cursor to the Power Armor station, press the action button again. A menu will appear containing parts of your Power Armor (see the picture below).

From this menu, you can:

  • Modify different parts of the armor (chest, helmet, etc.);
  • Connect or disconnect various armor parts from your equipment and create different combinations;
  • Repair damaged armor parts.

Modifications – General Information

You can start modifying your Power Armor after using the station. To connect a selected armor part (it must be in your equipment, not in the workshop) to the frame, press the reload button.

After pressing the action button, you will begin modifying a part.

Remember that almost all upgrades are dependent on perks. To unlock most of them, you will need an appropriate perk. They are listed in each paragraph that focuses on specific modifications.

To create a specific upgrade, you will need specific junk. A list of them can be found in the Resources chapter. Press the action button to create an upgrade.

Modifications – Model

The first upgrade you can install is the model. Each new level of the model increases the resistance to physical damage, resistance to energy weapons, and weight of the upgraded part.

Except for the Raider Power Armor (2 upgrade types), there are 6 model types (and their equivalents for X-01 armor):

  • Model A – no perk is needed for constructing it;
  • Model B – no perk is needed for constructing it;
  • Model C – to construct it, you will need Science! (rank. 1) and Armorer (rank. 1) perks
  • Model D – to construct it, you will need Science! (rank. 1) and Armorer (rank. 2) perks
  • Model E – to construct it, you will need Science! (rank. 1) and Armorer (rank. 3) perks
  • Model F – to construct it, you will need Science! (rank. 1) and Armorer (rank. 4) perks

Modifications – Materials

Material modifications are upgrades that increase certain character statistics (such as Strength or Charisma), provide special attributes for the Power Armor (like increasing resistance to radiation or reducing explosion damage), or change the look of the armor.

To gain access to all material modifications, develop Science! (rank. 2) and Armorer (rank. 3) perks.

Paints are a special type of material modification. You can obtain them from the Hot Rodder magazine. There are three magazine types – each of them will unlock one unique paint scheme: Shark, Hot Pink, and Flames. Details can be found in the Magazines chapter.

Modifications – Special Modifications

Special modifications are various upgrades that impact the functionality of the Power Armor and character statistics. Special modifications can, for example, increase springing speed, increase capacity, provide invisibility while crouching, or allow flying thanks to a jetpack.

To improve your Power Armor, you’ll need to make specific modifications depending on the part you want to upgrade. For instance, leg improvements are different from helmet upgrades. Information on the upgrade’s impact on the armor can be found above the list of resources required for crafting, as shown in the picture below. Access to all special modifications requires the Science! (rank 4) and Armorer (rank 4) perks.

Maintaining your Power Armor’s condition is crucial, as the worse its various parts’ state, the less effective its statistics and upgrades will be. You’ll be alerted to the need for repairs by the red color of the affected armor part on the left side of the screen, as depicted in the image below. To repair your armor, select the Repair button in the Power Armor station menu, which requires resources.


What is Power Armor Crafting in Fallout 4?

Power Armor Crafting is a feature in the video game Fallout 4 that allows players to customize and upgrade their power armor suits. Players can modify the armor’s appearance, protection, and abilities using various materials and components found throughout the game world. The crafting process requires the player character to have the appropriate skills, materials, and a specialized crafting station called a Power Armor Station. Some of the modifications available to players include improved durability, increased carrying capacity, and enhanced resistance to radiation and energy damage. Power Armor Crafting is a popular aspect of the game and is often used by players to create unique and powerful suits of armor to help them survive in the game’s dangerous wasteland.

How do you unlock Power Armor Crafting in Fallout 4?

Power Armor Crafting is unlocked early in the game’s main questline when the player character joins the Brotherhood of Steel faction. The player will receive a quest called “Call to Arms” which will lead them to the Prydwen, the Brotherhood’s airship headquarters. Once aboard the Prydwen, the player will meet Proctor Teagan, who will introduce them to the Power Armor Station and provide them with the necessary tools and materials to begin crafting their own power armor. However, to access the more advanced modifications and upgrades, the player will need to progress further in the game and acquire rare and valuable materials such as nuclear material, adhesive, and circuitry.

What are some tips for Power Armor Crafting in Fallout 4?

Firstly, it is important to invest in the appropriate skills such as Science and Armorer to unlock more advanced modifications and upgrades. Secondly, players should explore the game world thoroughly to find valuable materials and components for crafting. Junk items such as duct tape, screws, and aluminum cans can be broken down into useful components at workbenches located throughout the game world. Additionally, players should prioritize upgrading their power armor’s durability and radiation resistance as these are crucial for surviving in the game’s harsh environment. Finally, players should experiment with different combinations of modifications to find the ones that best suit their playstyle and needs. With the right combination of modifications, players can create a power armor suit that is both powerful and unique.

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