Crypts in The Hidden City in Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The Hidden City in Shadow of the Tomb Raider has 5 crypts scattered throughout the area. Each crypt contains a large amount of resources, information about dialects, and special secrets. Some of the crypts can only be accessed by completing main or side missions.

  • First crypt
  • Second crypt
  • Third crypt
  • Fourth Crypt
  • Fifth crypt

First crypt

The first crypt can be found in the northern part of The Hidden City. You’ll need to go through caves until you reach a cliff. From there, you can jump into the water or climb up the stairs. Underwater, there is a passageway on the left side that you should take. Follow the water until you see stone statues and unlock the blocked passage with your axe. Swim to the surface and loot Manko’s Boots from the sarcophagus.

Second crypt

The second crypt can be accessed during the Hearts and Minds side mission, but you can also reach it without starting the mission. It’s located at the very top of the mountain, and you’ll need to jump on rocks and branches to get inside. In the large room with a water reservoir, jump down on the rocks and smash the stones with your axe to access the sarcophagus and get Graves of Six Sky.

Third crypt

The third crypt is located in the eastern part of The Hidden City and can only be entered while wearing the Serpent Guard outfit. Near the entrance, you’ll find many murals and documents to explore.

Upon entering the crypt, you will come across a climbing wall. Jump and grip onto it using your axe, then use the rope to descend.

Follow the cave to the left. You’ll encounter a blocked passage, but you can open it with a bow shot. Continue along the path until you reach a large climbing wall at the end.

At the very top of the cave, use your rope to pick up your axe and then descend onto a rock shelf. There is a machine there that will open the passage. Use it and proceed.

After using the machine, the cave will begin to flood with water. Move quickly and reach the sarcophagus to obtain Ch’amaka’s War Vest.

Fourth Crypt

The fourth crypt in The Hidden City can be found in the eastern part of the city. Reaching the sarcophagus is easy, but the exit from this crypt is one of the most challenging parts of the game. We have provided a guide to reach the sarcophagus and useful tips on how to safely leave the crypt.

To enter the crypt, squeeze through a hole in the stone wall. The path leads straight along the cave.

Follow the straight path. There will be a large hole in your way, but you can jump onto the elevator in front of you to safely descend down. Be careful, Lara may bounce off the lift and fall into the abyss. At the bottom, you’ll find the sarcophagus containing Yaway’s wooden Greaves.

To exit the crypt, you need to close the traps on the walls so you can climb up safely. Look carefully and climb to the top of the cave walls to reach the exit. In the image above, we have shown which elements of the environment need to be closed to leave the crypt safely.

Fifth Crypt

The fifth crypt in The Hidden City is part of the side mission “Hearts and Minds.” You need to complete this mission to enter the crypt. You won’t receive any outfit item from the crypt, but an item for the quest instead.

The mission takes you to a cave filled with numerous traps. You need to get rid of them and reach the end of the path. There, on the left side, you’ll find a blocked passage that you can open with your axe.

Following the path, you’ll find yourself on a bridge. On the other side of the bridge, there is a sarcophagus with an amulet. However, the bridge may break automatically when Lara stands on it and she will fall into the water.

Underwater, there is a passageway that must be swam through in order to reach the other side of the cave. Once there, locate the water machine and activate it, causing the water level to rise and granting access back to the first room. From there, proceed to the other side and repeat the process.

The same process must be repeated at a higher elevation. However, this time, a passage can be made with an axe to reach the surface. Upon arrival, a sarcophagus containing the quest item will be visible.


What are Crypts in The Hidden City in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Crypts are optional challenge tombs found in The Hidden City location in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Each Crypt is filled with puzzles, traps, and enemies, and completing them rewards players with valuable resources like rare crafting materials and unique equipment upgrades.

How many Crypts are there in The Hidden City in Shadow of the Tomb Raider?

There are three Crypts in The Hidden City location in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. They are located in different areas of the city and require players to explore and solve puzzles to gain access to them. Each Crypt is unique and features a different set of challenges and rewards, so players are encouraged to explore all three to get the most out of their adventure in The Hidden City.

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