Curtain Call (Trinity Tower)

How to access: listen to the Trinity Tower radio recording in Boston Center and reach the signal source (M6,7)


  • Investigate the radio signal
  • Unlock the Cage
  • Get Rex to safety
  • Talk to Rex Goodman

Get to the top of Trinity Tower

Trinity Tower is guarded by supermutants and hounds

After hearing the Trinity Tower radio signal, which is audible in central Boston (east of Diamond City), you will discover a location with the same name. You must reach it. The building is crawling with supermutants and hounds on the lower levels. First, get to the first floor and ride the elevator up.

Use the stairs and move through the collapsed floors to the highest level where you will face another miniboss (supermutant) with an upgraded minigun. Only after defeating him, can you search the large ammunition chest where you will also find the cell key. The cell is a few meters away. Inside, there are a human and a supermutant imprisoned.

Help Rex escape from the tower

Ride the elevator down to the bottom of the tower

To escape the location, you can use the elevator on the wall of the building together with Rex. As you descend, more mutants will appear on the other floors, which you must eliminate. Once you reach the entrance of the building, the quest will end.

Quest rewards: experience, Rex’s suit, companion: supermutant Strong


What is Curtain Call (Trinity Tower)?

Curtain Call (Trinity Tower) is a quest in the video game Fallout 4. The quest involves rescuing Rex Goodman, a radio DJ, who has been taken hostage by raiders and held captive at the top of Trinity Tower. The player must make their way through the tower, fighting off raiders and super mutants, in order to reach the top and rescue Rex.

Is Curtain Call (Trinity Tower) difficult?

Some players may find Curtain Call (Trinity Tower) difficult due to the number of enemies that must be fought throughout the quest. Additionally, the tower is quite tall and has several floors, so it can be easy to get lost or turned around. However, with the right weapons and perks, the quest can be completed without too much trouble. It may be helpful to bring along a companion and stock up on healing items before attempting the quest.

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