Delivering HalluciGen canister to Fred

How to unlock: Speak with Fred Allen at the reception of Rexford hotel (or in the basement) located in Goodneighbor.

Fred Allen, the quest giver

After conversing with Fred, he will request that you obtain HalluciGen from the HalluciGen, Inc. factory. A conflict between mercenaries will occur inside, providing you with ample opportunities to hide and attack undetected. The time works in your favor as the members of the factions destroy each other.

Entrance to HalluciGen, Inc.

A single road leads straight through the building to the underground laboratory. Before the final door, which is locked with an electric lock, there is a room on the right that you can enter. In the terminal, you will discover the administrator password (and a minigun behind the drawer).

A powerful leader of the mercenaries is located in the last room.

The leader is found in the final room. Despite not being a boss, he is a formidable adversary (and has the ability to become invisible). Be careful at the entrance, where a laser trap is positioned. In the final laboratory room, you can obtain 9 HalluciGen canisters.

Hint: You can use full HalluciGen canisters to craft unique grenades (the containers are very rare), so collect them all.

Quest rewards: Experience, 200-400 bottlecaps (the quest giver only requires one canister).


What is the HalluciGen canister?

The HalluciGen canister is a rare and dangerous item found in the video game Fallout 4. It contains a hallucinogenic gas that can cause enemies to attack each other, making it a valuable weapon for players.

Who is Fred?

Fred is a character in the video game Fallout 4 who is in need of the HalluciGen canister for a quest. He can be found in the town of Diamond City and will reward the player for bringing him the canister.

Where can I find the HalluciGen canister?

The HalluciGen canister can be found in the HalluciGen Inc. building located in the southeast corner of the map in Fallout 4. The building is heavily guarded by raiders and contains traps, so it may be difficult to obtain the canister.

What should I do with the HalluciGen canister after bringing it to Fred?

After bringing the HalluciGen canister to Fred, he will reward the player and the canister can be used as a weapon or sold to merchants for a high price. It is important to note that the use of the canister can also have negative consequences, such as causing friendly NPCs to turn hostile.

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