Diamond City Blues

How to trigger: Head to the Colonial Taphouse bar located in Diamond City and talk to Paul Pembroke outside (M6,1) after a brawl.

Quest objectives:

  • Assist Paul Pembroke in intimidating Henry Cooke – this objective will only activate if you went with Paul to the taphouse
  • Intimidate Henry Cooke – this objective will only activate if you went to the taphouse alone
  • Search Cooke’s body – this objective will only activate if you killed Cooke
  • Read Cooke’s note – this objective will only activate if you killed Cooke
  • Prepare an ambush for the drug transaction participants
  • Interrogate Trish
  • Read Trish’s note – this objective will only activate if Trish died
  • Search Trish – this objective will only activate if Trish died
  • Divide the profits – this objective will only activate if you were accompanied by other people in the ambush
  • Get into Marowski’s chem lab

Paul Pembroke and Henry Cooke

Go up and turn left in order to find the taphouse

At the main entrance of the city, there are stairs that lead to the mayor’s house (lift), and on the opposite side, there are small houses and a bar – the Colonial Taphouse. Walk inside and observe the events without interfering. Once the brawl ends, you can speak to Darcy Pembroke and ask him about the details of what happened, or you can leave the bar immediately and speak to Paul Pembroke. He will ask for your assistance when he speaks to the bar’s owner – Cooke. If you agree, he will give you 80 bottlecaps. You can also use your Charisma to try going alone – this will allow you to have a calm conversation with Cooke.

Assist Paul in taking care of Henry or try solving the matter peacefully

If you walked with Paul to the bar, wait for your turn and, with a little help of Charisma (easy convincing), you can decide the fate of the barkeeper. If you do not have any Charisma points, killing the barkeeper will be your only option, with your help. In that case, you will learn about the further part of the quest from a note found on Henry’s body. Other dialogue options will allow you to learn about drug traffic from Henry (the information will be the same as in the case of the note found with his body).

If you decided to go alone, you can hear what Henry has to say. He will want you to cooperate with him in the next part of the quest, but you can also kill him and read the note. Walking to the bar without Paul will allow you to easily gain better “additional payment”.

Intercepting the drugs

Go to the drug deal location. Do not attack the people there from far away as, at first, they are not considered enemies

It matters whether you struck a deal with Paul and/or Henry and whether you are going to the transaction location alone. Various options are listed below. The common part is the meeting place, near Back Street Apparel north from Diamond City. The above temporary companions do not give you any additional profits except for help in battle, so you do not need to take them with you.

Trish is able to provide you with information necessary for the next phase of the quest.

If you venture alone, you have the greatest chance of success. The gang members there will not attack you until you speak to their leader, and then the fight will begin. Only one person will make it out alive – Trish, a member of the gang. You have two options: interrogate her or kill her and read the note found on her body. If you choose to interrogate her, you will also receive the Four Leaf Security Password from her, allowing you to begin the next phase of the quest. You can also instruct her not to tell her boss what happened. Otherwise, you will encounter him later and have to explain yourself.

The yellow chests contain many valuable drugs, so be sure to search them before proceeding.

If you brought Henry along, he will assist you in battle but will not allow you to spare Trish. Afterward, he will depart.

If you bring Paul along, he will demand a share of the spoils. You can divide the reward equally or use your charisma to obtain 70% of the rewards. Alternatively, you can kill Paul and take everything. If you complete the quest with Paul, you will not be able to collect the drugs until you speak with him.

Chems production laboratory

Head to the Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant.

Whether you learned of the lab from Trish or a note found near her, you will encounter numerous ghouls and possibly some Supermutants from the adjacent building.

The entrance to the secret laboratory is located on the stairs from the roof.

The entrance to the laboratory can be found on the front side of the building, accessed from the roof via a set of stairs. If you thoroughly interrogated Trish, you would have received the terminal password from her, which will unlock the laboratory door. You can use it.

If not, you can hack the terminal (master security level), or use the note found next to her to solve a riddle – activate five sensors around the building in the order shown in the note. This will allow you to avoid hacking the terminal as the door will become unlocked. However, be careful not to activate the sensors twice. You should also keep your companion in one place to avoid disrupting the sensor activation sequence.

Once inside the laboratory, the quest will end. There are a few scientists present, but they will not pose much of a challenge. You can also find some drugs here.

Quest rewards: Experience points, 80 bottlecaps (optional) received from Paul, a large quantity of drugs (found in chests at the transaction location), and the contents of the laboratory.

Epilogue – Marowski

Marowski is located on the ground floor of the Rexford Hotel. If Trish survived the drug deal ambush and was not killed by Cooke, Marowski will learn that you robbed him. On your next visit to Diamond City or Goodneighbor, Marowski’s men may approach you and convince you to meet with him. You can choose to kill them, but other gangsters may harass you later.

Marowski demands 2000 bottlecaps as compensation for his losses. You can fight Marowski and his guards, pay him the bottlecaps, or use your Charisma to negotiate a lower payment of 1000 bottlecaps. If you choose the last option, you have one week to gather the caps. If you fail to return to Marowski or pay him within that time, his followers will find you and you will have to give him the bottlecaps or fight his men.

Epilogue – Colette Cooke

Colette can be found in the upper part of the market. If Henry Cooke died during the quest, his daughter Colette will appear in Diamond City after about a week. She will try to find out what happened to her father and can be seen traveling through the market or near the Dugout Inn.

If you killed Cooke, you can tell Colette the truth or lie to her about your involvement. You can also use your Charisma to convince her of your innocence. If Cooke was killed by someone else, you can either point the finger or claim ignorance.

Paul may ask for your help with Colette’s investigation. Colette can react in three ways – believe your explanation and close the investigation, attack you, or remain suspicious and conduct her own investigation. If she becomes suspicious, she may find leads pointing to Paul Pembroke. Depending on your previous decisions, Paul may ask for your help or accuse you of the murder. If he asks for your help, you can promise to kill Colette, calm him down, or allow him to kill her. If he accuses you, you can try to calm Colette down, start a fight, or accuse Paul of the murder.

Epilogue – Malcolm Latimer

Malcolm Latimer, Nelson’s father, will appear in Diamond City Market one day after the quest ends. He can be found on the upper balconies near the Colonial Taphouse entrance. He or one of his men may initiate a conversation with you.

Malcolm will request information regarding his son’s killer. There are four options to choose from. Firstly, confess to the crime and pay Malcolm a large sum of bottlecaps. Alternatively, engage in a direct battle with him. If one chooses a less direct answer, the battle won’t occur immediately, but Latimer’s men will harass the player regularly throughout the game. Finally, the player can lie and deny responsibility for Nelson’s death. This option only works if the player has a high Charisma level. If this option is selected, one can point the finger at Paul or Marowski for the murder, and Malcolm will offer a killing contract for them, promising 400 or 600 bottlecaps.

However, if the player refuses to help Paul or leaves the city instead of going to the Colonial Taphouse, Darcy Pembroke will approach them in Diamond City Marked, concerned about her missing husband. The player can promise to investigate the case. By talking to Henry Cooke at the Colonial Taphouse and using Charisma, the player can learn that Paul was murdered. Returning to Darcy with this information, she may accept her loss or start her own investigation. If the latter occurs, after one week, Darcy will give the player the Heist Photo. The player can then choose to murder Cooke and Malcolm Latimer or try to sell the photo to Cooke, Latimer, or Marowski. Each will offer a large sum of bottlecaps, which the player may keep or give to Darcy.


What is Diamond City Blues?

Diamond City Blues is a side quest in the popular video game Fallout 4. The quest takes place in Diamond City, which is a bustling city built inside the remains of Fenway Park in Boston. The quest revolves around a drug called “Jet” and the different factions in the city that are vying for control of the drug trade. The player is tasked with investigating the drug trade and ultimately deciding which faction to side with. The quest has multiple outcomes depending on the player’s choices, making it a popular and exciting part of the game.

How do I start the Diamond City Blues quest?

To start the Diamond City Blues quest, the player must first complete the main story quest “Getting a Clue” and have access to Diamond City. Once in Diamond City, the player will encounter a character named Paul Pembroke who is looking for help with a “situation”. This will trigger the start of the quest. Alternatively, the player can also start the quest by overhearing a conversation between two characters named Nelson Latimer and Henry Cooke in the Colonial Taphouse in Diamond City. From there, the player can choose to help either Nelson or Henry, which will lead them down different paths in the quest.

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