Diamond City

Diamond City is a crucial location in the game, filled with secrets, curiosities, and quests at every corner. While the town itself is not very large, you can take on a dozen or so main and side quests, restock your supplies, and even purchase a house here.

After completing one of the main plotlines (all the quests for one of the factions), you can meet representatives of that faction in town, and the flags on flagpoles will also change.

As you visit Diamond City at different points in the storyline, you can bear witness to several situations that kick-off side quests.

If you’re in Diamond City around Christmas or Halloween, you’ll get to see the market place all decorated for the occasion.

There are four bases situated around the market place, just like in baseball. If you can run around fast enough, you’ll be rewarded with an additional achievement.

Two message boards are located in Diamond City: one to the left of the Swatters [17] and the other in Dougout [21]. These message boards allow you to receive random quests, such as eliminating groups of enemies like super mutants or gunners.

1. Mayor’s office. Here, you’ll find a console that summons the elevator to take you up to the mayor’s office. You can also reach it from the external side of Diamond City.

2. Colonial Taphouse. As soon as you enter the bar, you’ll witness a squabble between spouses. Later, when you meet Paul Pembroke, you can start the Diamond City Blues quest. You can also barter with the owner Cooke, who sells various liquors. Outside the building, you’ll find several umbrellas and the robot Wellingham, who sells basic liquors.

3. Codman Residence. This building is locked with an advanced lock. Once you break in, you’ll be attacked. However, you can find a few valuable items inside.

4. Hawthorne Residence. The building is locked with an advanced lock. Once you break in, you’ll be attacked by all the inhabitants. The whole house is filled with cats, but there’s nothing of value here.

5. Latimer Residence. The building is locked with an advanced lock. Once you enter, you’ll be attacked by two inhabitants, one of whom is immortal.

6. Cooke Residence. The building is locked with an advanced lock. Inside, you’ll find a large number of meds and Nuka Cola Quantum.

7. Publick Occurrences. This is a newspaper managed by Piper. You can take all the valuable items from there without any consequences.

8. All Faiths Chapel. It’s a small chapel. If you sit on the bench, you’ll receive a +5% bonus to experience points gained for the next 8 hours.

9. Power Noodles. You can buy noodles from the robot Takahashi.

10. Security Office. Inside, you’ll encounter several guards.

11. Kellogg’s House. You visit this building during one of the quests in the main storyline. There’s a button under the desk that opens the door to a hidden room.

12. Polly’s Meat Shop is where you can buy meat from Polly. Next to it is her locked house, which can be opened with a novice lockpick. Upstairs, there is a meat stash that is also locked with a novice lock.

13. The Super Salon is where you can get a new hairdo from John for 15 caps. There is also an entrance to his house in the corner of the room.

14. The Mega Surgery Center is where you can meet Doctor Sun, who sells medicine and can heal you. In the basement, you can find more medicine, but be careful as guards and Diamond City inhabitants will attack you if you break in. Doctor Crocket can change your face for 100 caps.

15. Chemi-I-Care is a small recess where you can buy drugs and medicine from Solomon. You can also get a quest from him.

16. Fallon’s Basement is a small basement where you can buy clothes, medicine, and junk from Becky.

17. At Swatters, you can barter with Moe and receive a quest from him. Sheffield sits next to the stall, and if you give him a Nuka Cola, you can offer him a job at one of your settlements. Moe mainly sells baseball gear, including some interesting bats.

18. At Commonwealth Weaponry, you can buy good weapons from Arturo, including a legendary version of Fat Boy. He also sells armor and ammo.

19. Diamond City Surplus is where Myrna trades practically anything. You may need to convince her that you are not a synth using your Charisma. In her house, you can find robot Percy, who also trades anything.

20. Home Plate is a building that can be your home in Diamond City for 2000 caps, paid to Geneve in the Mayor’s office. However, it is not a fully functional settlement, and you cannot build or assign companions here.

21. The Dogout Inn is a local bar where Vadim sells food and alcohol behind the counter. Scarlett sells similar goods. You can rent a room from Yefim for 10 caps.

22. The Warehouse is locked with a novice level lock, but inside, you can find lots of ammo and medicine.

23. The Science! Center has several useful workbenches. Doctor Duff can take you on a short quest.

24. Diamond City Radio is located in a small trailer where Travis broadcasts the most popular radio in the Commonwealth.

25. Sheng Kawolski’s House is where you can get a quest from a small boy to clear 5 water pumps. You can also buy pure water from him.

26. Abbot is painting the Northern wall of the stadium, and he can give you the Painting the Town quest.

27. Inside the Greenhouse, you can find a few valuable items to collect.

The Valentine Detective Agency is a detective office managed by a synth named Valentine, where you can initiate or complete several main and side quests. To start the latter, you can get case files from desks and shelves. On the desk where Nick is sitting, you can find an issue of Robco Fun. On the other hand, on the first floor of the schoolhouse, you can find an issue of Live and Love.


1. What is Diamond City?

Diamond City is a fictional location in the popular video game Fallout 4. It is a fortified settlement built within the confines of Fenway Park, the home stadium of the Boston Red Sox baseball team. The city is one of the largest and most developed settlements in the game, and serves as a hub for players to trade goods, take on quests, and receive information about the game’s storyline.

2. How do you get to Diamond City in Fallout 4?

To get to Diamond City in Fallout 4, players must first complete a series of quests that involve traveling to various locations around the game’s world. Once they have completed these quests, they will receive a map marker that will lead them directly to the city. Alternatively, players can also use their Pip-Boy device to fast travel to Diamond City if they have already discovered it.

3. What can you do in Diamond City?

There are a variety of activities that players can engage in while visiting Diamond City in Fallout 4. They can trade goods with various merchants, purchase weapons and armor, take on quests from the city’s mayor or other NPCs, and interact with the city’s various residents. Additionally, players can also visit the city’s bar, watch baseball games in the stadium, or explore the surrounding areas for loot and resources.

4. Who are the key NPCs in Diamond City?

There are several key NPCs that players will encounter while visiting Diamond City in Fallout 4. These include the city’s mayor, McDonough, who assigns various quests to the player, as well as Piper, a journalist who can become a companion for the player. Other notable NPCs include the city’s doctor, security chief, and various merchants who sell weapons, armor, and other goods.

5. Are there any unique items or weapons to be found in Diamond City?

Yes, there are several unique items and weapons that can be found in Diamond City in Fallout 4. These include the “Shem Drowne Sword,” a powerful melee weapon that can be found in the city’s museum, as well as the “Home Plate” player home, which can be purchased from the city’s mayor. Additionally, players can also find various rare and powerful weapons and armor by completing quests or exploring the city’s surrounding areas.

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